BenTrem tweeted on 2012-06-04

  • Dear #Devils – Played well. Cudda won. Mebbe shudda. Carry on. ^5 #
  • If I had to boil it all down to a single thing: folk read, see zero discussion, yet would swear on bible that the web is about discourse. #
  • I've always been really good at communications. (Read: real good. Always.) Today I should what, design web sites? Brain-death rules. #
  • Psychopaths have a certain integrity about them. It goes along with charisma. Those with integrity of a different sort? Not as interesting. #
  • @Jones1Warren Hi there. Here's something that's quite possible: blocking you and reporting you for SPAM. Please … grow up. in reply to Jones1Warren #
  • @neilhimself "Tweeting as others isn't right. It makes trouble for you. And for others." Kids … gotta be the biggest challenge evahr. ^5 in reply to neilhimself #
  • "a national research and policy network; market-based approaches to build a greener, more competitive economy." > < #
  • @GSiemens Nice to find "need for new methods and approaches for navigating complexity and abundance". Ludi: > < #
  • So sorry to see this pass as #dharma "We are each divine and have the power within us to make our own reality." Personal sovereignty; ick! #
  • Reviewing Tai Chi, I still think rock climing (i.e. own weight) is the ultimate test, contrast to martial arts. #
  • Human activity is for conspicuous consumption, and #dharma is to solidify our fantasies. Yoiks, yuppies have poisoned everything! #
  • @NellaLou Have you heard of / read about "tonglen"? (Pema Chodron wrote about it.) "Circles of compassion" as a technique … powerful. in reply to NellaLou #
  • Lovely day; life is good. But: #Devils are down 2 | 0 … dogon it. #
  • @NellaLou Ooh goodie; I was fishing. :-) Hey, once the reality is there, we can describe as we wish and it ain't BS. cheers! in reply to NellaLou #
  • Tone of voice matters. Listen to evangelicals preaching … change the words and you have classic snake-oil huxterism. Folk are vulnerable. #
  • @CityofEdmonton Maybe add avenue to that? Seems all clear here on Whyte. in reply to CityofEdmonton #

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