BenTrem tweeted on 2012-06-02

  • Lawyer: reports viewing a murder / dismemberment online. Police: special effects are real good these days; what you say makes no sense. Bye. #
  • So many more "circles" are vicious rather than virtuous. E.g.: living a crappy life tilts one into conspicuous consumption. And on and on… #
  • "Social contract" and taking on student debt. Not the sort of thing GoP types would appreciate. What about conservative thinkers? #
  • #CoHousing – I think the good experiences I had living in community (Fewer than I'd wish!) put me out of sync with those who live solitary. #
  • @Ziggy_Daddy I have to admit having used that list on bit.torrent! in reply to Ziggy_Daddy #
  • @cbcdocs Hi there – is no joy. cheers #
  • @walrusmagazine That "CBC We Want" tweet got ReTw'd and caught my eye. Didn't know you were here! cheers #
  • @pomeranian99 Appreciated your part of DocZone / "Follies". They produced it well; your spot was a nice balance. good on yuh #
  • @pomeranian99 heehee "SID" changed our lives in the 80s. Say, do a piece on this! Tracking on the Amiga: .IT and .XM . Democratized synth! in reply to pomeranian99 #
  • #OilSands – I've always had only 1 question: why "as much as possible, as fast as possible"? I guess I'm just a boring guy. #YEG #
  • I don't hanker for movies much, if ever. But now and again I wish I had DVD of #BlackHawkDown Even more than #WeWereSoldiers #
  • @sstevenwright No disagreement. But context: when have the A-types not been wise to our foibles? Definitional of psychopath, that is. in reply to sstevenwright #
  • On Charlie Rose, Fawaz Gerges (LSE) on his book “Obama and the Middle East: The End of America’s Moment?” > < (video) #
  • "Stop asking “But how will they make money?”" > < Nice analysis by @AndrewChen #

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