BenTrem tweeted on 2012-06-01

  • Zubrus – Not the first time I've said this: grab a freakin' brain. #Devils #
  • Zubrus – All is forgiven. But stay outta the freakin' penalty box, please. #Devils #
  • That's the way #Devils … deep in the zone. We see what works. Gotta do more of that. Carry on. /*h000a!*/ #
  • Now the #Devils have their legs. Funny, Kings weren't all that effective, but they looked right poised. #BecauseItsTheCup #
  • " $24 million C round announced by cloud collaboration provider Huddle" > < cc: @mlane @dankeldsen @eric_kavanagh #
  • Dear #Devils – Is that 3 wide open nets we've misse? Settle down guys … enjoy the game. #
  • Brodeur's doing his thing. And "#Devil's fore-checking has stepped up" so it's lookin' good. #
  • Is it just me? Time has //flown// in this game. 2minutes left in regulation! #Devils #
  • Excellent start to the Cup. Best if #Devils take it, but … #
  • @predatorsfan21 Kings were right poised in 1st and Devils looked shaky, but rallied well in the 2nd. Even better in the 3rd. All good! in reply to predatorsfan21 #
  • @AccioAmelia Go to bed early when it's a boring game. Or (God forbid!) a blowout. But with OverTime? C'mon … gotta have priorities. ;-) in reply to AccioAmelia #
  • What would I say if I were Brodeur in the dressing room? Not much. "Keep on keepin' on." #Devils #
  • 1 break away was 1 break away too many. HeyHo … hang in there #Devils #
  • @predatorsfan21 HeyYa. Karma: #Devil #039;s goal was a total fluke; OT winner was a righteous break-away. HeyHo / h00a :-) cheers in reply to predatorsfan21 #
  • #MurderSuicide – I don't doubt that buddy was a good fella. And deeply distrubed. You guessed him wrong. And those you judge wicked? #Fools #
  • #Montreal flooding – Late 70s / early 80s I was bleeting about infrastructure. Boring stuff … no success with #AttentionEconomy #
  • @RWW Mmmmm … cudda passed on that one. Not what we look to RWW for. in reply to RWW #
  • @cameronreilly heehee … so mid-80s … JWZ has a way of commanding attention. (Not sure that's an entirely healthy phenomenon.) in reply to cameronreilly #
  • Watching Pacific islands sink, I recall how long ago I turned away from technocratic religion. And realize you read this like ancient Greek. #
  • See, it's right simple. "Feather your own nest" has become central religion. Then folk bitch about government. That's insane. #
  • While you've been at it, year after year … more and more and more and more … it's pretty sick, watching you. More … more … more … #
  • Those who already have too much are so neurotically sick that they unhappily demand more. And those with the least matter ever less. #
  • What I realized so long ago, as a young man: we are not incapable because incompetent. Incapable because our society is deeply corrupt. #
  • Pure GoP: Trump says media won't talk about birther issue. Asked about birther issue, Trump objects that's old news. GoP = bullshit #
  • Take it from Laday Gaga: social media is really meaningful. Hint: you are truly pathetic human beings. #
  • George Siemens (SUNY) on "What do Connections do?" on SlideShare > < #
  • @ajkeen Thanks very much for the web cast. Great stuff; right on point. cheers! #
  • Chapter 1 of @AJKeen's "Digital Vertigo; Today's Online Social Revolution Is Dividing and Disorienting Us" > < #

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