BenTrem tweeted on 2012-05-28

  • Adele, taped at Santa Monica. Brilliant. And everything about bourgeois culture I don't connect to. At all. #
  • @Twitter – Once upon a time you removed folk from Interactions when we blocked them for SPAM. Now you don't. #Regression #
  • #IngloriousBasterds – How did holding up 3 fingers give him away? "No more German than the Scotch in your glass." Great scene. #
  • #IngloriousBasterds – Yep: what I guessed. 3 fingers instead of 2 fingers and thumb. The SS guy knew; I went on gut instinct. 1 for me. #
  • #IngloriousBasterds – Oh-woops. The guys didn't know the fire was going to happen. They shudda been surprised. /*shrug*/ #
  • Gawd I'm slow. (Not, not stupid. That's the point. Have a thought.) My cohort doesn't just sell out for gain. They can't suffer loss. Whores #
  • @Twitter – The web interface worked quite a bit better months ago than now. I think you're distracted by "low-hanging fruit". Poor kids … #
  • #Illusionist – If you're going to fake a corpse in water, give it some mass … geezus, that was sloppy. #
  • Oh, did you hear? If you pay $$$ you get powder to sprinkle on your food. Eat as much as you want, and lose weight. AmeriKKKa rules? yoiks #
  • #dharma – Quite an accomplishment: 2nd only to the Japanese Empire, my cohort has corrupted Buddhadharma and made it the stuff of cult. #
  • @dpr – It's standard to have search boxes on site; it drives traffic to the origin. "You have obstructed your teacher's work" he said to me. #
  • Want evidence that you're exquisitely sensitive? Watch. Pay attention to what you say is invisible … moot … taboo … verboten. Presto! #
  • Easy part: manipulate you. (#AttentionEconomy bla-yada-blah.) Hard part: preserve the emancipation project. Fuck, you all stoned? or what? #
  • @aunila Pretty silly: anybody clicking that Posterous link on your bio gets a LOGIN page in their face. Geezus … make an effort, yaa? #
  • @Barrett4WI That's naive. Point is to reward the sychophants. It's cult dynamics, not rocket science. cc: @TheNewDeal #
  • "A sustainable firm in London has been working with China for an alternative path to urbanization." Yes: what I've called #GlobalGulag Duhh #
  • #AttentionEconomy gives you all plausible deniability. Aren't you happy little fascists. Sucks to be you, kiddos. Hint: suicide … #
  • Agile? Lucid? Pragmatic? But personality politics is taboo. You kow-tow to #AttentionEconomy but deny realpolitik. #Cult Cult … d'uhh? #
  • "The spunk and the guts to confront reality" … gee, a random stranger on TV speaks my life. You folk? You folk suck. Totally. Next? #
  • Signs of sentient life on planet earth – I knew my fishing around was right tactic: "House" … the brain scan … sociopaths VS psychopaths #
  • NB: for trouble than you're into, but if you look you'll find that Conservatives don't think we can handle language. They say we're zero. #
  • I've never, ever said that my cohort is as fascistic as the Right. I've only said they're cycinally opportunistic careerists. #
  • "How to turn $1 into $1M in 180 Days" … well who wouldn't want to join that cult?! No need to generate value: just schmooze. #Cult #
  • Amaricans (i.e. citizens of USA) legitimize GoP to show that their body politic has a heart-beat. GoP is zombie; Dems are merely yuppie. #
  • @aunila Wow … looking … what a concept. in reply to aunila #
  • What pays the freight on ABC: "USofA might hit a Greece-like wall." Ex-fucking-cuse me? What //the fuck// does that mean? #yuppies #
  • GoP's love with Donalt Trump is simple: they know that their base is fascistic, and that nothing succeeds like success. Fuck the Republic. #
  • Breaking news via #ABS upper class whites are somewhat disapponited wth Obama, so GoP are playing to the Trump fringe. Holy crap … #
  • "Capture your story with our super camera." Or, alternatively, have a story worth living. Get over yourself. Have some dignity. #
  • @monaeltahawy Prevalent myth: people with little food hunger not for justice. Toxic, nae? Salaam from this hippie buddhist. ^5 in reply to monaeltahawy #
  • @monaeltahawy p.s. staying awake to burn off the booze, caught an Islamic sermon on Vision TV. E.Ma.Ho! Such justice! :-) in reply to monaeltahawy #
  • @monaeltahawy re: Twitter. see … #ParticipatoryDeliberation need not be long winded. Systematic #discourse ciao in reply to monaeltahawy #
  • Indianapolis 500 – So far it's Charlie Foxtrot. #
  • @aunila Good show. It's a game of inches. Or nothing matters. :-) cheers in reply to aunila #
  • @MarkMayhew Yes, that, but … is that what passes for wordly wisdom? Seems like post-hoc kibitz to me. cheers in reply to MarkMayhew #
  • @monaeltahawy My goodness … seems like my day today. How to explain that I'm recipient of such generosity? Who's to say. __{*}__ in reply to monaeltahawy #
  • @monaeltahawy w/respect: | < in reply to monaeltahawy #
  • @monaeltahawy Oh-woops, wrong one. Simpler / purer (Feel free to FF to 3:30.) < in reply to monaeltahawy #
  • @monaeltahawy I heard this morning: "Jihad is words of justice to a tyrant". Works for me. May all of good will know confidence & peace. in reply to monaeltahawy #
  • @monaeltahawy SideBar – You haven't blogged in so long. A place to expand on the 140 chars? #GoWhereTheSpiritMovesYou in reply to monaeltahawy #
  • @robinbloor "Tell a fool he's being foolish and he'll call you a fool." #EpistemicClosure in reply to robinbloor #

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