BenTrem tweeted on 2012-05-27

  • #BecauseItsTheCup – Spag sauce simmering; beer in hand. #Rangers VS #Devils and we're off! #
  • Hustle … hustle and team work. #Devils pull ahead 1 – 0. #
  • Major big deal: #Devils score both goals so far in the 1st period … something like 5 minutes left. Wh00h00! #
  • @ianbremmer Missed first 10mins in, but screen-grabbed video. I was more than a bit put off by "Don't point your finger" "Don't shout" … in reply to ianbremmer #
  • I'll be darned. 2nd period and it's #Rangers turn: they score both of this period's goals. Tie game. #
  • Looks to me like both #Rangers and #Devils are being a little too cute, a little too clever. Handling the puck that one extra time. #
  • Not quite sudden death (10mins left) but sure feels like that! #Rangers or #Devils … such good teams! #
  • Uh, Carter? You really needed to drive Stahl into the net? /*yoiks, zounds, gadzooks*/ #Devils #
  • Oooooooooooooooo what a save! #Devils #
  • … as good as any other way: mad scramble one end, mad scramble the other and: #DEVILS ARE GOING TO THE CUP! #
  • It was great watching you #Rangers Bloody good show. #
  • Know what? I came in (as a Habs fan) pulling for #Rangers Something about the #Devils #039; style … they won me over. Now: knock off #Kings #
  • How is innovation throttled by personality politics? Dig: I was "blogging" about int'l online conferences in 1995. So what. Doesn't count. #
  • See, thing is, #careerists operate by whatever facts are out in the open. So: we move them by making facts clear. Rhetoric, not sophistry. #
  • Gov't = bad? Armed forces bad.Police bad. Judges bad. Courts bad. Laws bad. Only corporations and jungle rules are good. All hail the rich! #
  • "Rules of Engagement" … the National Security Advisor was found guilty, and sacked. So was the ambassador. Fight … fight and fight. #
  • I just took the measure of myself: I no longer join in "our" accomplishments. It took 50yrs for you to wear me down. Out? Yaa, mebbe out. #
  • What I'm doing at 00:45 on a Friday night. Should I watch you? I think not. > < #
  • What's different, talking to a yuppie careerist and with a crack head, essentially? I don't know. I can't tell. Both hooker hustlers. #
  • @innovate So tedious, dealing with how Stumbler hijacks pages. in reply to innovate #
  • @strombo Burgers and puking … gosh. And here I am, //not// at a sleazy bar. (Nobody would get away with that talk at a sleazy bar.) in reply to strombo #
  • @openculture Heard a recording of Bernsein playing Rhapsody in Blue today. Know what? Reminded that it's a jazz tune played by classicals. in reply to openculture #
  • @craigthomler I've been trying to connect with //anyone// sees it in their interest to capture discourse. For yrs/decades. So far: no joy. in reply to craigthomler #
  • Gee golly shucks nuclear industry manifests inertia. No f'ing kidding. Sooo, you think I talk "decision support" cuz it's fun?! #Yuppies #
  • Why not implement such as blast prevention in nuclear plants? Simple: yuppies like new cars, and fancy apartments. Next question? #
  • #Syria – Pro-regime militias are going nuts in a running rampage. #

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