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  • What kind of guy gangs up on a gay kid with his bully buddies and cuts the kid's hair? Successful businessman and politician: #Romney #doom #
  • In school I fought against bullies. As a young man I went infantry, to do peace keeping. I wouldn't like Romney. Or Gates. Or even Jobs. #
  • @aptviator "Cracks allow the light in." I've been going against the grain re: public discourse for decades. I've made some progress. #hell in reply to aptviator #
  • @gracerodriguez Likewise true education with mere training. #borg cc: @mikelking in reply to gracerodriguez #
  • ReTw @novenator – "How Wall Street Killed Financial Reform" by Matt Taibbi > < (Rolling Stone) in reply to novenator #
  • @innovationanarc Hey there – I've spent years looking for an alternative business model. The standard would pret'near contradicts my goal! #
  • Say you have a favorite charity or NGO. Would you help underwrite their communication strategy? an IT and outreach project? #CrowdFunding #
  • @cafreeland Just re-listened to CJR/CSpan. Concept: use "rapporteur" to merge journalism with academia. #discourse #gnodal #
  • "Rediscovering our 'first principles' in order to reclaim our future." (Nice notion, no?) > < (HeritageFoundation) #
  • "creating a long-term, progressive vision; to shape the national debate and pass laws that make a difference." > < #
  • "A rapporteur (French) is appointed by a deliberative body to investigate an issue or a situation." > < Get my drift? #
  • The work I did with slide/tape shows, on issues like ecology and social justice … much like what I see being done now. But that was 70s! #
  • @cafreeland Not only the coasts? Oh I dunno. I experienced much more IT in HFX than EDM. Heck, more in Sydney than here! Dutch disease? in reply to cafreeland #
  • I think #AttentionEconomy actually interferes with innovation: it's all about plugging into pre-existing trends, so folk get used to pap. #
  • @robinbloor Prolly hemp … and san semilia that ain't! in reply to robinbloor #
  • I'm not asking; I'm saying: #AttentionEconomy means connecting with individuals' biases. But my project is about overcoming those biases! #
  • "Ars Technica, version 7.0 – The new site, new features, new sections, and more." > < #
  • #Misconceptions – This is the world I'm working towards > < #Discourse #
  • @LifeAligned FWIW "Manufacture of Desire" contradicts every one of my life principles. #Ethos in reply to LifeAligned #
  • "#Short-termism – the mass incapacity to think long-term, induced by the low probability of personal progress" > < #
  • Sure, folk have opinions. But are we well informed and thoughtful? So then, why aren't we calling out the problem of the commons? #
  • A challenge to philosophers: a system for validating policy decisions, and debate concerning those issues. Form a working group? #
  • Because financiers care about results, analytic tools such as visualization have been operationalized. In the realm of social policy? Nope. #
  • Figure all aspects of "fun", then the various shades of greed; despite aspirational values, doesn't that just about exhaust the scene? #borg #
  • @LifeAligned W/respect, that's dangerously reductionist. Cog psych (emphasis on "meaning") has dragged us out of Skinner's black box. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned At that level of simplicity, you equate persons with single cell organisms. We are cybernetic, that's true. Altruism != greed. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned Attachment? How about neurotic alienation, where individuals behave like drones while lusting for individual sovereignty. in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned It contradicts yours too? Ok, I'm not glib; I'll reread your blog more critically. Do you have another? < in reply to LifeAligned #
  • @LifeAligned Context: I thought you had recommended "How to Manufacture Desire: An Intro to the Desire Engine" > < in reply to LifeAligned #
  • Want authentic self-esteem and dignity? Acknowledge fallibility in the face of paradox. "Got all the answers" = @LifeAligned #
  • @delong You saw Krugmanon CSpan? < cc: @cafreeland (Unifying academe and journalism; whoot!) in reply to delong #

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