BenTrem tweeted on 2012-05-11

  • @nytlabs Greets – Any way to contact RD Ventures? (Slightly related to Cascade.) #
  • Beauty. Washington Capitals now lead 2 – 0. Luvin' it cuz I wouldn't mind seeing more of the Rangers, so I'm happy either way! #
  • @wjchat This old radio tech uses commercial software, but you can't go wrong with http:// < #WJChat in reply to wjchat #
  • @wjchat This old radio tech uses commercial software, but you can't go wrong with < #WJChat in reply to wjchat #
  • "Developing Apps for Civic Improvement" > < (YouTube; Sunlight Foundation) Anybody w/this skill set want a project? #
  • Radio revisited? "The True Patriot" read by the authors, Eric Liu and Nick Hanauer" > < #AudioBook #
  • How much of a tilt is required to skew things? I see some altruism, now and then. But more self-interest. Selflessness? There's the tilt. #
  • @book2netNA Hey Robb – Close encounter: I very nearly moved into your field of work early 90s. Got seduced by things web! ;-) cheers #
  • Gotta admit, some ads really are very funny > < (YouTube / AmericaQuest "Dinner Surprise") #
  • What matters more, that someone's opinion flatters your ego? or that we work together against cheats and bullies? #BodyPolitic #
  • @kady What's the #HW tag for? Search didn't shed any light. in reply to kady #
  • What if … what if the kick-ass politics that wins "first across the line" actually makes for worse policies? #BodyPolitic #Discourse #
  • @tugthetether Ah, thanks! But … fragmentation, no? #HW vs #HC cc: @Kady in reply to tugthetether #
  • @LifeAligned .Ok. But that plays into my notion of whim / impulse.; what gets "plucked" is very subject to marketers' manipulation. #Magpie in reply to LifeAligned #
  • What is … what if "beating the other guy" doesn't really translate into a win? What if "win" really doesn't bring benefit / well being? #
  • What if … what if striving for success in #AttentionEconomy actually distracts from matters that are more meaningful and substantial? #
  • @cafreeland Watching CSpan, I never expected to hear about Peace River! I'm from St. Paul. greets #
  • Change in quantity / change in quality … sure. So let's have 500M blogs; is that better? #design #architecture #aggregation #curation #
  • @CAPcongress Basically, they're Darwinian (while pretending to creationism) … posturing as though vigorous winners. cc: @GOPconference in reply to CAPcongress #
  • @kady re: #CharterDay I saw an ad on TV (CBC of course) about some sort of Charter project. But only part of it, and only once. Know of it? #

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