BenTrem tweeted on 2012-04-16

  • So I say "All fine, Pheonix playing well, But I want to see more of Chicago." With goalie pulled, Hawks tie it with 5.5 seconds left!! #
  • @matvic So, you tell me, how many shots did they miss in that last series? huh huh … lovely hockey! in reply to matvic #
  • @ckanal #BecauseItsTheCup … jim-dandy hash-tag. thanks! in reply to ckanal #
  • There: Crosby's a good example … wait for the moment, then throw 2 nice clean right hand upper-cuts. No point hurting folk. heh #Penguins #
  • What's wrong with #Penguins Malkin can't handle the puck 4 on 4?! Good grief. #
  • "Nobel laureate Eric Kandel on research into biological basis to the unconscious mind" > < cc: @ICouzin #
  • Becoming "zombie": 1) you're being over-sensitive; 2) don't take it personally 3) don't take it seriously … 6) let it go; 7) "Whatever". #
  • I sure wish the Flyers didn't play so well. I mean, I love to hate them … so … #Penguins #
  • What I most admire about George Patton was that he shifted his deep-seated regard of colored people. The same can be said of Lincoln! #
  • @matthewburton "Completion"; that's somehow related to "the singularity"? I love the way intelligent folk baffle-gab. (Not!) cc: @jstogdill in reply to matthewburton #
  • @SystemsWiki It's easier to talk that stuff than deal with actualities. 80/20 and baffle-gab rule in a culture of #AttentionEconomy in reply to SystemsWiki #
  • @icouzin I love the elemental humility of that. "Made it back" and "with the boat" huh huh … the stuff of haiku! in reply to icouzin #
  • @zspencer Perhaps not. There is immediate, and then there is mediate. "The beginning of a real start" is good! cc: @ValdisKrebs in reply to zspencer #

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