BenTrem tweeted on 2012-04-14

  • Chicago ties it with 14seconds to go. My life is in ruins … Stanley Cup has taken over. #
  • @seancarmody Maybe just triage: I don't give them a second thought. But ouch, I've been banging my head on the 2K thing for a while now. in reply to seancarmody #
  • @seancarmody Wasn't sure which it was. I recall a Russan one that was multi-masted. Amazing: coming in with all hands on the yard-arms. in reply to seancarmody #
  • @jianghomeshi So now if you get caught up in the moment someone can ground you with "Okay, Your Worship …" :-) #
  • @icouzin Watching PopTalk – So: non-linear consequences, moderated. Q: and ramification of false "fact" through social graph? :-) cheers #
  • Load of crap. Update ModPlug Tracker; crashes everytime I load a new sample. Go into Indaba; upload takes forever and never completes. Crap. #
  • … and now after I click "Tweet" I get "You already Tweeted that". Crap. 80/20 crap. #

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