BenTrem tweeted on 2011-12-04

  • #YEG – Look into the roots of Jussard Folk Fest / Summer Solstice Folk Festival. A school. What sorta school wud folk like that have? ;-p #
  • #YEG – You know you reward kissing ass. But here's a question: you think that's consequence free? Are you just whores? or are you idiots? #
  • #YEG -I'm now deaf in one ear. But you'll blow that off. Because you're idiots. And, because you're idiots, Edmonton is a shit pit. #karma #
  • NB: this is anonymous. your mindless reaction becomes the standard for "response". your mindless action becomes the standard of "life". #
  • @Towerofrebel Oh! You //are// a tin-foil helmet nut case! *phew* Thought I had read you wrong. #
  • "Turning #WordPress into a #CMS with Custom Post Types" > < #
  • "Qt Quick lets developers build touch UIs using a JS based scripting language called QML" > < cc: @MLane @bmn #

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