BenTrem tweeted on 2011-12-03

  • Bourgeois politicians routinely lie about breaches of international law, to support corporate agendas. You support them. #OccupyYourself #
  • @1_eddie Coincidence? I read someone on the same page on GPlus. IT'S A GLOBAL CONSPIRACY TO DROP THE BULLSHIT huh huh … cheers Eddie ^5 #
  • #Syria – Something substantial has got to shift //real soon now// else the streets are going to run with blood. Asad ain't no Gaddafi. #
  • @Firefox looks fine in Chrome; heap of junk in FF. Also: my MediaWiki sidebar breaks in FF, not elsewhere. 'sup? #
  • @1_eddie Sorry Eddie, I didn't have enough context to know what you meant by "that technology". I'm looking at my tweet. I don't get it. in reply to 1_eddie #
  • @CrisisCall211 Yupperz, all good now. ^5 in reply to CrisisCall211 #

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