BenTrem tweeted on 2011-10-07

  • @gteresa p.s. to clarify: technical questions are often unambiguous/binary. When a player works but is said to be broken, that's just wrong. in reply to gteresa #
  • CALLOUT – NYC, all good? #OccupyWallSt … rumours are you been smashed. ^5 W^B #
  • @digiphile Geezus, always the same freakin' peanuts tossed to the rats in the cages. cc: @rushkoff in reply to digiphile #
  • @gteresa I notiice Wed NewsHour on but not Tues … player's broken? Don't lie to honest people. cc: @PBS in reply to gteresa #
  • #OccupyWallSt – @PBS is throwing an intern under the bus; Tues newscast witheld from "The player's broken BS" all day. #
  • @gteresa Right. Lie first then fess up w/pressure.
    Meh kiddo; majeure meh. BTW I called you an intern in my last; staffer = integrity. in reply to gteresa #
  • @gteresa see @ITGeek profile for G+ link. FWIW After SigInt I did CBC … meh can't talk just now … meh, meh, meh … in reply to gteresa #
  • After Chile I told gov to take red-carpet offer of accelerated promotion and diplomatic and shove it up their ass. I stand by that. cc: @PBS #
  • @gteresa I gave you link to my G+ … what part of that is ambiguous? Always cleave to existentials, dear … else you'll be tempted by BS. in reply to gteresa #
  • What yuppies don't understand: their bullshit and sophistry poisons the public space. They profit from it then make excuses. "Nice" people. #
  • @gteresa BTW (as though honesty matters) it's not mine to be right: it's mine to have real good instincts. BS stinks. cc: @PBS in reply to gteresa #
  • Twice in 10 days "honest progressive" organizations have cheated on the record, falsifying things. I notice. I care. cc: @PBS #
  • How fucked are you, as citizens? Congressmen from Louisiana have to suck up to big oil … w/o their support they're lost. Pathetic, you are #
  • @campattendant 2 facts: 1) if he's older than you, you aren't an old fart. (born '55. I'm born '54) 2) he didn't suck the way you do in reply to campattendant #
  • @timoreilly … OMG that so sums up your generation: make it beautiful for me! cc: @mg in reply to timoreilly #
  • @CBCEdmonton HiYaz – looking at … "Make Radio Active"? I can't find it. #
  • @CBCEdmonton p.s. right side bar, link for "Documentary" is 404 … now you got me started! ;-) –ben #

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