BenTrem tweeted on 2011-10-06

  • @PBS – 10PM Mountain time … still no NewsHour online … are you intentionally slowing your release time? #
  • @PBS – I notice Nightly Business Report is on schedule … routinely / regularly hours ahead of you. Trivia? Incidental? #
  • #Gov2 – How many of you actually get paid for throttling innovation? In my experience it's 100% … just wondering. #
  • Sprint commits to buying 30M iPhones in the next ?what? 3yrs. Yowza. #
  • @PBS – 11PM Mountain and no NewsHour … I think you're sabotaging your main news program. I hope someone suffers for this. #
  • #OccupyWallSt – American Revolution didn't start with Constitution or Declartion … start with actualities: start with grievances! #
  • Any Indymedia geeks out there? TwinCities is down and NYC seems to have disappeared. #OccupyWallSt #
  • @PBS – Wednesday morning and there's still no NewsHour for Tuesday … have you decided to down tools? Good heavens … #
  • "The Framers expected, as Federalist 52 makes clear, a Congress "dependent upon the People alone."" > < #OccupyWallSt #
  • @OccupyWallSt – see this by Lessig: "people who don't share common ends might nonetheless have a common enemy. " > < #
  • @NewsHour And it isn't posted to NewsHour's homepage? Excuse me, and thanks, but that's not right. see < in reply to NewsHour #
  • @NewsHour You aren't paying attention: the Tuesday program does /notRPTnot/ appear under Full Programs. Stop thinking viewer's always wrong. in reply to NewsHour #
  • "In a Weak Economy, Why Is CEO Pay on the Rise?" > < #ExecutiveCompensation #OccupyWallSt #
  • @gteresa Thanks, but not on point. (Where I started.) doesn't use the 'full programs" player. It's a list. cc: @PBS in reply to gteresa #
  • @gteresa p.s. I called that out last night. NewsHour is typically slower that Nightly Business, but now it's no show at all! in reply to gteresa #
  • @gteresa You're telling me that is no longer being updated? in reply to gteresa #
  • "Choosing A Minimally Viable Co-Founder" > < Dog food! #
  • @gteresa – Odd … the player you say is broken shows Monday's show just fine. I'm looking at it right now. No Tuesday, is all. cc: @PBS in reply to gteresa #
  • "A proposed demand for Occupy Wall Street" ( < #OccupyWallSt #
  • "Could a Debt Jubilee Help Kickstart the American Economy?" ( < #OccupyWallSt #
  • "Trying To Discern Occupy Wall Street's 'Demands'? Think 'Jubilee' " (HuffPost) < #OccupyWallSt #
  • "What #OccupyDC wants: Less corporate money in politics" < "laws and justice are for sale to the highest bidder." #
  • @gteresa "Videos already in the player work fine" to tell someone something they just told you evidences that you are not reading. in reply to gteresa #
  • @gteresa So far nothing you've replied is sensible. You repeat what I say to you, but you don't make sense. You're witholding y'days cast. in reply to gteresa #
  • @gteresa The broken player isn't broken because it plays what's there but doesn't play what's not there. Good grief! Create suspicion much? in reply to gteresa #
  • "The player's not broken, it plays what's there" "No, the player is broken because it doesn't play what's not there. It plays what's there" #
  • @PBS – When you have a problem, say so. I received a whole series of replies that were, at least deceptive. The player is notRPTnot broken. #
  • RIP … Steve Jobs … 1955 – 2011. This one will not soon be forgotten. #
  • @gteresa Like justice, it must be seen to be done. A not broken player being called broken does not clarify. keep on keepin' on ^5 in reply to gteresa #

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