BenTrem tweeted on 2011-09-13

  • #YEG – Folk who've been drinking aren't the danger. Young white males pumped on Alberta BS are the danger. Again. As usual. Police? absent. #
  • @ezraklein Got my 1st WonkBook; immediately propagated MLK Jr story in context on G+. Prob: email didn't save well as html. meh … l8r more #
  • @ezraklein Viewed #1 as Web page; degraded version. RFE: host individual missives as stand alone blog posts. /*caff*/ I'm old … this !new. #
  • Every time I look around I encounter existential evidene that you folk are sloppy / lazy / inept / corrupt. Just me? JUST ME?! Wake up. #
  • So slick; so clever; so lithe; so agile; so glib; so trite; so capable of fending of competition yet so blithe concerning doing the work. #
  • @tariqkrim heehee … !Yahoo revisited? Silly geese! in reply to tariqkrim #
  • @KOSMOSNET Jumping up and down, clapping your hands with glee? in reply to KOSMOSNET #
  • @DavidHFoster "for happens to what happens to you!" makes no sense. Please delete / revise / re-tweet. in reply to DavidHFoster #
  • @SharonSalzberg I must be older. Things are getting simpler; I'm regressing. More than enough is toxic. cc: @drrobertholden in reply to SharonSalzberg #
  • @percolate Say, any way to stream in Twitter lists? e,g, < in reply to percolate #
  • @CFAuty Greets – I live by MillCreek. Walking's good for me, but with 2 blown feet (major fall) I need more. Tai Chi is my obvious choice. #

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