BenTrem tweeted on 2011-09-12

  • In my first week with Chrome 13, it has crashed at least 4 times. @Firefox has crashed once. I'm not happy with 1 but isure beats 4 or 5! #
  • @ezraklein Say, do you have WonkBook archived somewhere? I'd /love/ to dive into that … un-structured information, wh00h00! in reply to ezraklein #
  • @netdoc66 It's all about finding who to follow. Like on G+, but I'm even tighter here. No Bieber, and nothing similar, no how. in reply to netdoc66 #
  • "Taliban claim Afghanistan truck bomb attack that wounded 77 US troops" > < … and the war goes on, and on, and on. #
  • How sick is the American right wing? Look and see: "9/11 Only Paused the Left’s Attack on America" > < #
  • @ezraklein re-peat: Is there an archive of Wonkbook emal? Turns out google results show only very few. #
  • Did you see the "Don't be so rude" comment? Politics are about morality, and morality is about … via @huffingtonpost #

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