BenTrem tweeted on 2011-09-10

  • @politifact He showed actual conviction for … at least a couple of minutes, towards the end. Nice to see he's still alive! (Grown up?) in reply to politifact #
  • @WestWingReport /*caff*/ You don't really want standard list, do you. Concatenation's a bitch. Is why we want men w/integrity & brass ones. in reply to WestWingReport #
  • @Twitter – You still can't find Edmonton Alberta. You piss me off less than G+, but not by much. Months of this crap. Months. Months&months. #
  • @ClimateHiJinx Don't you think it's confusing to use the title of someone else' post as the body text of your tweet? No quotes, no UC … in reply to ClimateHiJinx #
  • @WestWingReport Code for witholding: "We don't know what we know". BTW I essayed about witholding in 1984. Not much has changed there! in reply to WestWingReport #
  • Online, news of UK officers covering up torture to death of prisoners in Iraq; on radio, CDN DoD covering up details of soldier's suicide. #
  • Just wondering: Which Republicans stayed away from President Obama's "jobs" presentation? Freakin' rude if you ask me! #
  • @percolate I do comms. When I see someone go into stall/spin/crash/burn/die I try to say something. :-) cheers in reply to percolate #
  • @percolate p.s. heh Not intuitive! Gonna make that accessible via mmmm Profile or something? (Trying it now.) in reply to percolate #
  • @percolate Oooh, before I do: is that reversible? I ruined a years old / very nice account with 1 frabbed Import. Can roll back? in reply to percolate #
  • @percolate Mmmm ok. I'll take half a step, just to see. (If I need to delete / ReDo from start, now's the time. I'll just blame you. /*G*/) in reply to percolate #
  • "Jon Huntsman isn’t your friend. [Sad] that we cheer when a republican admits that 2 2=4.”" > < ( #
  • CBC TV posts the entirety of Obama's job speech?! Go figure. > < #
  • @percolate Hey NP. Don't take me wrong way; work flow UX, yes? :-) p.s. so far no down side, but no way to see that OPML actually registed. in reply to percolate #
  • @CBCTerry That'll learn him! ;p p.s. News staff will have Star Trek jumpers as standard issue now? Grabbed screen: < in reply to CBCTerry #
  • #ajstream – You're using G+? News to me! #
  • #YEG – Crappy day to be homeless / living on the street. It's already sweltering. (Water bottle, cheese and PB sandwiche; bag of peanuts…) #
  • Almost funny: a whole bunch of CIA files 404 because of .HTM/.HTML … and feedback form fails! Incomptence 101 … nauseating, nae? #
  • What was that? Earthquake off Vancouver Island?! #
  • #RealityTest – "Crazy: 90 Percent of People Don't Know How to Use CTRL F" > < see also > < #
  • Dear @Firefox – Feeling disloyal, I DL'd the latest Chrome and have been using it for G+. Guess what. I crashes. Pretty often. stay well! #
  • #YEG – I busked for 25yrs. I'm pooped. (Did I tell you Whyte is the most violent place I ever played? Ever?) But < #

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