BenTrem tweeted on 2011-09-09

  • @Percolate – *resend* Thanks for the code. In initial setup I connected via GReader; I can also now read in an OPML? cheers –ben #
  • 1:11:31:10 – And me? heh; I'm celebrating that there's an FSM page on wiki. Go figure. I never knew. > < _hooa_ –Dawks #
  • Dear PotUS – Pls stop doing that creepy sucky thing with your voice. It really, really sucks. > < c/w sidebar notes #
  • @drgrist When he does that creepy sucky thing with his voice he sounds like some huxster Evangelical. Slap him upside the head, I would. in reply to drgrist #
  • @percolate heehee "In initial setup I connected via GReader; I can also now read in an OPML?" #Swahili in reply to percolate #
  • @percolate "I can also now read in an OPML?" is Swahili, but "upload an OMPL as well" is plain English. heh … passive aggression much? in reply to percolate #
  • @drgrist EAT THE RICH! … but not Buffet. ;p in reply to drgrist #
  • NB : tax code is approximately 3 times as long / large as it was when Clinton left office. #
  • PotUS has gone almost 5 minutes without using his suckie voice. #
  • PotUS went almost 6 minutes without using his creepy/suckie voice. *sigh* #
  • @IdeaGov "Poison pill" of a different sort? :-) in reply to IdeaGov #
  • Ooooh! Who told him to do that with his voice as emphasis! Sounds like dramatic moment in bed-time story. FFS dewd, grow up. #
  • @pkedrosky "Unprecidented" … since the days of Enron? in reply to pkedrosky #
  • OMG PotUS sounded like he had authentic fervor in his voice … about time, buddy. MAKE IT SO! #
  • Yaaaa … talk Libertarian PotUS. And get rid of that affected suckie contrivance you do with your voice. #
  • NB: on the scale of Great Orators PotUS is still (by my guage) hitting a solid 6.5 of 10. #
  • "… it is time for us to meet our responsibilities" and Boehner sat rock still. Pussy-whipped bugger, he is. #
  • @TheFix But check the video … Boehner didn't join in the "huge applause" for "meet our responsibilities"! in reply to TheFix #
  • @politico and check the video; Boehner did not join in the appluse for meeting responsibilities. I was watching him. in reply to politico #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere c/w slides: in reply to ChrisLaBossiere #
  • heh … PotUS shook Biden's hand and then turned away from Boehner. No love lost! #

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