BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-19

  • E.g. of why I dislike yuppies: documentary of UN investigation into Harriri's assasination; well paid educated folk botched, botched botched #
  • @VoteSmartToday You kidding? You lie, talking such obvious bullshit … you want your friends to be fools? That's really sick. You're sick. in reply to VoteSmartToday #
  • @VoteSmartToday Watching a documentary; Hezbollah hit squads. They talk like you: allergic to simple facts. Ideologs. Fundamentalists. Liars #
  • Gawd the Right is hilarious … "Learn LIberty" has a nice site. Want to read an article? see a video? Must create an account. #Crackers #
  • @cfl_esks Barrel Racing our girl got passed by 0.05 seconds for $100k. There's a tale about winning VS 2nd place eh? BTW: You're rockin!!!! #
  • My intention with Exhibitum was to arm who lives by the pen. So they can ice-pick those who try to lord it over them. Just that. #smight #
  • @semnyi Sorry, out of context I don't know what that aims to communicate. Hammer&Tongs too … but this has no context. in reply to semnyi #
  • @semnyi We've been taught to look at is as "dream-like". That should, I suggest, be plenty good enough. Unless you're moving backwards. in reply to semnyi #
  • "Is Social In Google’s DNA?" by +TomAnderson > < (TechCrunch) cc: @furrier #
  • John Adams was an officer type. I only act to support and defend such. _Poseurs_ look for minions, so required expressions of admiration. #
  • It's very as though Americans have not the inclination to make themselves aware of what admiration is felt for their principles. #hubris #
  • @furrier +Devin Coldewey at TC: "G: One Hell Of A Trojan Horse" > <> "G, Rome and Empire > < :-) in reply to furrier #
  • "Wikipedia Rolling Out Article Rating System – What Do You Think?" > < via +Marshall Kirkpatrick #
  • @AndresMartinQ It's a nice thing to have. And sites have had it many, many years. I don't find WP's implementation brill or impressive. in reply to AndresMartinQ #
  • "Facebook? Google ? Twitter? Which social network are you?" c/w comical flow-chart > < (WashPost) #
  • Price of gold is now double 2008. If I had invested, I'd have made $250! ;p #
  • Light bulbs – "GOP taking a firm stand for a century-old technology rather than embracing technological progress." > < #
  • #YEG Jet-ski hits a raft, injuring 2. Buddy races away to boat ramp, loads, drives away. Consequence? Fines of $500 and $250. Ridiculous. #
  • #YEG Severe Thunderstorm Watch … is that for us? #
  • 1PM; Charlie Rose on PotUS / debt ceiling, Murdoch &tc … I declare it beer o'clock. #

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