BenTrem tweeted on 2011-07-18

  • What I really like about "nice" people: when the cops smash people around, "nice" people say nothing and do nothing. Truly lovable. *arse* #
  • @SharonSalzberg Compassion / solidarity / loving-kindness arise unobstructed. It's bliss that gets problematic. ;) in reply to SharonSalzberg #
  • Woman arrested in front yard for video of cops? Unions says, "She distracted officers". This leftie says you should swallon tongue / die. #
  • @CBCEdmonton RFE – s / "last year 6 horses were killed" / "6 horses were injured and euthanized" (or "put down" if that scans better) cheers #
  • @DavidMTaylor Oh, I know; not about courts. About union for good hard-working LEO speaking BS to justify her mis-treatment, iz whott. cheers in reply to DavidMTaylor #
  • GOP spokes, "President Obama said he won't try to fix the problem he caused with his spending" … i.e. GOP can't grok "said". Villains. #
  • Breaking News – Individuals favor lower taxes. Gawwwww' …. conservatives should be humilated to tears. #
  • @bigthink Yes. (Except I don't use plastic. Read: I.don't.use.plastic) And they have been for years / decades. Pathological, our denial. in reply to bigthink #
  • Dear @Salon – Your G+ article is wey clehvur and _uber_-lame. "… and you can really control who sees what" is precisely wrong. #
  • Poll results (including or R voters): plurality for mixed cuts / revue. Pawlenty: can't govern by polls. GOP is sick in the head. #
  • @GigaOM – Bait and switch? I bothered with "Free Trial" to see a report. Then got this when I tried it: "end of your FREE / trial upgraded." #
  • What a bunch of creeps … winners, A-list, pundits … callow, grasping, needy, manipulative … #
  • @GigaOM – Ever try for authentic / honest user reports? "Yes, I wish to cancel, reluctantly." made me doubly confident in bailing. pfffft #

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