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  • "a major chunk of [#GMail] is a client-side app written in JavaScript" > < So fine: allow me to create my own portal! #
  • Subetha engine for collaborative editing: < (animated GIF) #
  • Breaking news: Obama administration is oppressive and unAmerican. Oh, no, wait, un? or anti? I forget. Dear GOP – You're blithering idiots. #
  • "Twitter broadcasts too much trivial information". No, /tweeters/ broadcast too much trivial information. #
  • Boy am I spoiled: video inside Twitter HQ showed 3 jr staff working around a table, 1 laptop each, and nothing more. #SaltMine #
  • #Music #Preview "Uploaded by #limpbizkit on 8 Jun 2011" "Gold Cobra" > < (YouTube) #
  • De-sensitization therapy for me wouldn't be on front lines. The true evil I experienced took place in very normal office situations. #matrix #
  • What is notRPTnot effective discourse: "What are you doing in our community?" I'm sorry nobody is interested in my system / software. #YEG #
  • @matvic I can imagine the convo, "Well sure your wife always goes but … you know … she's not all /that/ into hockey? C'mon!!" ;-p in reply to matvic #
  • @djbtv +5. "Better decisions" is something we really can do, and it's beneficial. The alt is … ick! cc: @drgrist in reply to drgrist #
  • "On Public Deliberation – A Message from Dr. David Mathews, President of the Kettering Foundation" > < (NIF) #Gov2 #
  • 10 more minutes with "Inherent Bias in Deliberative Process", then Charlie Rose, then bed! #
  • @KinshinC – _Yo quiero te representarle_ @Be_Pure … see < Night all. #
  • @rockyoo Hey there! I've been surveying that sorta things for years ( and y'day went through notes. cheers! in reply to rockyoo #
  • @at0micandy +142 meerkats … if "Manson" was on DVD I'd buy the whole series. !j/k in reply to at0micandy #
  • @rockyoo BTW I have a *stealth* alternative mmmmm paradigm to addressing / accessing that sort of material. Diff mmmmm axis? locus? fulcrum? in reply to rockyoo #
  • #borg – "So long as I'm carrying personal debt I can abnegate autonomy and personal responsibility, and just sell to the highest bidder." #
  • @Banff_Squirrel Something I wanted to do at *cough* Jasper: walk the trails and post pics for linking via Google Maps. Lovely stuff! in reply to Banff_Squirrel #
  • @CBCEdmonton – *cough* Nearly 1/3 of the town was decimated? You mean 1/3 was reduced by 10%? No, not decimated: obliterated. Not the same. #
  • Cold silence; and if you remark on it you're made to look paranoid, over-sensitive, reactive … and all plausibly deniable. cc: @SPiver #
  • A nasty memory of a nasty woman. "I think it's odd; you don't say hello, nor reply when I do." "You have to be the center of attention!" #
  • What does "social media" do that really has existential effect? It expands #yuppies #039; ability to play their toxic sort of social games. #
  • @TheAtlanticWire Have you heard it read by the author? Quite hilarious! #
  • @spiver uh-oh in reply to spiver #
  • @matvic I seem to have dropped a stitch. Didn't you/I touch on strategy for #Gov2 Context: OutBrain > < #
  • As a young man in uniform I was happy to interdict Soviet assets. Then I discovered our dark side, that we supported democracy /some times/. #
  • #video #webcam – Still looking for feedback; 720p good enough for creating web video? #
  • #Gov2 – If present practice engages the public without having real effect … who would ever want that to change? Why would they? #StatusQuo #
  • Just read a "decent" blog post on using Twitter. All the pleasure of chewing styrofoam. #
  • What other domain would suffer such drivle? HR: "hire the best people, and manage conflict". Oil Field: "locate the oil, drill to it, pump". #
  • #VAN – Everybody's nice and relaxed, right? Right? 0_0 #
  • "Someone On A Motorcycle Is Going To Do Something In Six Days For Jon Huntsman" > < (HuffPo) !Communications !Strategy #
  • heh – Bruins brought a little bottle of ice from the Gardens; Thorton poured it on the ice in front of their bench earlier. #VAN #NHL #BOS #
  • I personally wish all the best to Tim Thomas. But that doesn't extend to Lord Stanley's Cup. Sorry, bud. #VAN #

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