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  • @anandgraves I was using WP4.2 in a huge tech_docs project. The startup history's great! Got to know them real well. Corel bought, finally. in reply to anandgraves #
  • @andyy re: "2 jobs" – Heard the "Hero, Guru, Wizard" model? On this I just tweeted > < cc: @dharmesh in reply to andyy #
  • #YEG – Anyone a fully fledged TaiChi instructor? A Zen connection just reminded me of mmmm a set of exercises / an old business plan. #
  • On CNN right now: Robert Reich. (@RBReich) See this. #
  • @IdeaGov ECM by other means. (Electronic CounterMeasures, yes?) If I had stayed in uniform gawd only knows what I'd be into now! #SigInt in reply to IdeaGov #
  • @IdeaGov Gives "the dogs of war" a wicked twist. BTW I trained airborne to deploy that stuff danger forward. So sad the game is crooked! in reply to IdeaGov #
  • @IdeaGov p.s. read any Trotsky? He groked SocMed back when! Is where I got the notion of "ice-pick logic". (Cruel pun in there huh huh) in reply to IdeaGov #
  • I hate to say it, cuz I love Mozilla like family, honest: but #FF3 under heavy load w/Vista reminds of trying to work with Win95. #HairPull #
  • @azaaza /me does amazinje docs cc: @splorp in reply to splorp #
  • #YEG – Google results are so crammed with news items can't find info on Slave Lake. Anyone have URL for the town? #
  • @FareedZakaria W/respect: I suggest "chaotically", rather than "randomly", since chaos is information rich and random is entropic. ;) in reply to FareedZakaria #
  • What is singularly key to statesmanship? I'd say #discourse So: discourse for narrative, and forensic logic for truth. It's GNodal! #Gov2 #
  • "Right-wing Unleashes Campaign Against Democracy in Latin America" > < via FB #
  • "Racial Identity, Racism and anti-Racist Policies in Cuba" > < ( via FB #
  • "Adam Curtis: Have computers taken away our power?" > < ( via FB #
  • @ethannichtern "Practice while distracted" and "Bring all things onto the path of meditation" … gotta luv lojong slogans! :-) TD! #
  • @ChrisLaBossiere "New tool for Australian inventors launched" > < via @dtapscott #
  • @firefox RFE Gotta push pingback down / separate from comments. Or heh maybe there's no comments, just pingbacks? #
  • Of the few folk who know about "T-Shaped Skills" > < few of them really understand the (cont) #
  • Reading into Renaissance virtue, it occurs to me that "success" is the means by which some re-enforce the rules of the game that suit them. #
  • Folk are smart, clever, quick. So how come reply to my last blog post (all 1 of them) was, "Yes, me too!" … brain-damage? #borg #
  • "A new way to create and consume content." > < @SilkApp Something to look into! #OpenData #
  • @NYTimeskrugman Wonk, geek, nerd … it's all grist. thanks! #
  • @craignewmark You mean Jr Dos Santos? Gonna watch him on UFC PayPerView June 11th. ;-p in reply to craignewmark #
  • Dear #YouTube – You reload the entire video when I go full-screen?! That's just wrong … #
  • It works something like this: either a glib reply/comment, or … absent that ability to /THINK/ … no reply/comment at all. Really sad. #
  • #NHL – Too funny: Milan Lucic was calling for to get tickets for his parents and folk would say "Yaaa right" and hang up on him haaa! #VAN #
  • @craignewmark It was a joke. Yes, watched every episode. Repeatedly. And Followed Matt here. Joke … you know … haaa? Irony? *sigh* in reply to craignewmark #
  • #VAN – "Great projects call for profound relaxation." –Buddhism | "Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast." –USMC sniper champion. Enjoy!! #
  • @craignewmark What's funny? I got defensive on behalf of UFC fans! (I see more sportsmanship there than in boxing. /Far/ more than WWF.) in reply to craignewmark #
  • @craignewmark p.s. FWIW I think we could do with #Gov2 / #OpenAccess what you did with a "mere list", but can't get anyone's ear for 10secs. in reply to craignewmark #
  • #Innovation – What's alternative to NDA? Simple: what I was taught about Top Secret "For Your Eyes Only" material i.e. don't disclose IP! #

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