BenTrem tweeted on 2011-06-01

  • @ledface Hope to be in touch via the site; we gotz stuff tuh talks'bout, ayep! *beam* Just google "gnodal" or "participatory deliberation". in reply to ledface #
  • @government_list A #Gov geek who's also a Habs fan … what's not to love?! ;) cheers –ben in reply to government_list #
  • #Gestalt – Over here, a girls' school; over there, a group of hooded men carrying bottles of acid. Wouldn't you pick up the gun? #BlueHelmet #
  • *blink* "netTALK DUO is flexible enough to connect directly to your computer or to your internet connection" > < #
  • #YEG – Did you listen to @AlbertaAtNoon w/Ken Greenberg? "Jim" called in. 23yrs in city planning. Someone knows this fellow? Hook me up! #
  • @chrisj_moore Did the Watson folk hear His Worship's comments re: Halifax conference? My "GNodal" would fix that. see in reply to chrisj_moore #
  • @JesseBudlong Dewd, you're a civics geek?! I just saw this ReTw'd by YEG's CIO … how unlikely! in reply to JesseBudlong #
  • Pondering the iretrievability of experience and what "Art" really means. *blink* Oh-wooops, let my mind wonder for a mo' … where were we? #
  • Le'me get this straight: because I'm a hard-core techie, I have to sit on my hands til some schmoozing A-list type deign attend to my work?! #
  • #Egyptian military conducting virginity testing (Yes, that's right.) because female protesters aren't good people. Cuz they camped w/males. #
  • Testing Twitter's new "FollowMe" button > <> < #
  • #dharma I don't use my refuge name much, but have considered legally taking my bodhisattva name. Does anyone ever use their b'name at all? #

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