BenTrem tweeted on 2011-05-21

  • @Samarkhand He's comfortable, curled up, breathing slower and slower. He's been sick before … not struggling, just taking his time. :-) in reply to Samarkhand #
  • Samarkhand re: "blaspheming earth": the nearest thing I found to "sin" in Taoism is "obstructing another's development". Isn't that fine?! #
  • Do moggie truly have 9 lives? Dear Cat is old, and he's been sick. But dig: twice in the past hour his eyes dilated … but he came back! #
  • 20:31 MDT, one less fine cat in the world. HeyHo, and so it goes. #
  • I have to tweet this again: with his very last steps Cat lurched and staggered to his litter box. (He died 2hrs later.) #dignity #
  • @Tooq Dunno about cruel. As a farm kid (raised my kids in the country), well, it's how things go. Tell your kid that Cat is still vy pretty. in reply to Tooq #
  • An amazing culture … where the brightest chose to redefine words so that they no longer see what upsets them. #matrix #borg #
  • #Convergence – In a LinkedIn discussion "cynicism" is being redefined to seem chic; here "trust" is being redefined to fit caveat emptor. #
  • "8 Words That Should Never Appear in Your Twitter Bio" > < ( #

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