BenTrem tweeted on 2011-05-20

  • FYI Cat is still dying. Still goes to the dripping tap for water, but barely drinks. 10mL of liquid food / day. Not pained, but staggering. #
  • How much does #design really matter? I've always thought #LinkedIn was primitive/clunky … and still do. Go figure. #
  • #YEG #SlaveLake – Numbers posted on CBC Newsworld: 300+ lots destroyed. best wishes #
  • @JayGilmore I suggest you don't go there at all; the dark side is endlessly fascinating. in reply to JayGilmore #
  • What I concluded as a young man in uniform (We'd just dumped a democratic gov't.) Wealth creates greed, and power gives rise to arrogance. #
  • #RCMP – Prosecutors lie about video, policemen charged lie, police witnessing lie … and it's swept under the carpet. Rule of law? pffffft! #
  • Here's dear Cat 10 days ago (ailing) < and today (failing) < #
  • p.s. Dear old Cat even staggered all the way to litter box one last time … how's /that/ for a sense of dignity! #

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