BenTrem tweeted on 2011-05-01

  • 320 dead from twisters in S'n states … how many injured? 3K? wow … #
  • Truly frightening how wacked out American right-wingers are. Ready for some variety of fascism. Insane. #
  • Differ left and right: left wing zealots believe "the masses" need to be emancipated. Right wing zealots believe they should be corralled. #
  • Dear Cracker – I acknowledge the human basis of your being pissed off. But that doesn't mean your crap doesn't stink. #
  • @Mickeleh G'day sir! On screen:here now: "Big fish, little fish: Why the executives aren’t facing jail time" > < in reply to Mickeleh #
  • @Mickeleh FWIW my 3rd webpage (1995) is still online: … the puppet-master? "Mr. P" in reply to Mickeleh #
  • @Mickeleh Just so, just so. SEP1973 broke my heart and snapped something in my brain; I started _tabula rasa_ to re-create a political view. in reply to Mickeleh #
  • "Beneath The Racial Attacks On Obama Lurks An Assault On The New Deal" > < via @Mickeleh #
  • Q: would folk cheat/steal without cops and fear of being caught? Well discussion is a competitive game that has no cops. #RightWingClapTrap #
  • @Mickeleh p.s. FWIW something I wrote while figuring how to drain flame-war energy out of discussion: < #discourse in reply to Mickeleh #
  • Ask a working stiff what he needs, he'll say better education for his kids, to pay the mortgage. Over $100K? More money! Even millionaires. #
  • Something like this: "The game isn't fixed because those who complain are losers and media who says that it's crooked are all commies." #USA #
  • @dankeldsen HeyYa Dan – Up late watching hockey? DM to you now. in reply to dankeldsen #
  • @USRealityCheck … what we gonna do about Yemen? And Syria? Yoiks. in reply to USRealityCheck #
  • @timbray Ok, maybe we have a test case here, cuz I've thought RWW suspiciously slow. And Mashable too, while we're at it. in reply to timbray #
  • @StKonrath I'm a tech_docs type who's done a lot of trouble shooting. Some folk I wouldn't work for. see < in reply to StKonrath #
  • #UFC – I'm showing up to my fave sports bar early for the fight tomorrow. Q: how are fans for WWE/F whatevuh even slightly sane? #
  • @USEmbPretoria He's playing LongGame because he can't focus on the moment. #Addled in reply to USEmbPretoria #
  • @dankeldsen /me flicks tooth. Who's askin'? *G* 'nite in reply to dankeldsen #
  • @robinbloor Law of congress: our world is only meaningful when we're connected with the people around us, and them to us. in reply to robinbloor #
  • @jianghomeshi Isn't that pathetic?! What next, questions about family history? #
  • @splorp Sounds like someone at Twitter is having a head/desk sorta day. in reply to splorp #
  • I really don't know how you do it. A #Gov2 0 institute with a flashy site has 4 posts in the last 2 years (last one: OCT2010) … nice site. #
  • Key to "attention economy" is the "Hi there!" transaction. Tumblr's great: no real function, just "Hi there!" over and over again. #borg #
  • How to make sure you never have to trouble yourself with autonomy: 1) spend like drunken sailor, 2) repeat #1 #matrix #borg #
  • Rack one up for sanity: Supreme Court over-turns decision blocking stem-cell research. Take that, crackers! #
  • @toughLoveforx It depends on design. Architecture. All I see there is brochure advertising i.e. buzz. Low-hanging fruit. Sizzle, not beef. in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • @toughLoveforx and … attractive, maybe fun. Maybe popular, maybe successful. So what?! in reply to toughLoveforx #

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