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  • Deat LinkedIn – Give a page of search results as a search result in Google is really dumb. You continue to piss me off at every turn. meh #
  • Dear LinkedIn – Give a page of search results as a search result in Google is really dumb. You continue to piss me off at every turn. meh #
  • @CoachChic Oh, illiterate don't come into it. Some folk *cough* are allergic to straight talk. "Attention economy" = personality politics. in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic /me sips his home-brew. I'm kinda partial to the masses. But if you search for "yuppies" heh ;-p in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic Ah, well, there again I'm partial: some equte wealth with greed, and others sneer from their noble castles. Choose your poison! in reply to CoachChic #
  • @wakooz That's good, dewd. That's really, really good. Literary. Koan-like. Yaa … really good. best –ben in reply to wakooz #
  • #Video – Take a couple of minutes and watch "Symmetry" > < via @wakooz #
  • #PublicDiscussion – If folk weren't so totally satisfied with group-think and BoaF I'd have had a real career as comm_tech. #Gov2 0 #
  • @owasow Greets – re: "therefore I am". Someone did a nice semi-formal study and found that 0.4% of Followers actually read. heh *G* in reply to owasow #
  • #Aggregation – I just found a site for 100s of PDFs on geek stuff. Prolly something like 40% are ones I'm willing to read! #
  • @CoachChic Oh geesch I dunno what we can compare Stalinism to … N Korea? in reply to CoachChic #
  • @tsudo Not sure if I'd feel ok about propagating that; not positive the rights have been cleared. Just meant they had an ace colleciton. in reply to tsudo #
  • @CoachChic No, not that I know of. I've heard "It takes a village to raise a child" as an old African saying. in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic And BTW Stalin played hard-ball poker to get power after Lenin's death … a grade-A psychopath. in reply to CoachChic #
  • @JoeGermuska I've been trying /forever/ to get some traction in the legal community. I think my GNodal design would be gold. in reply to JoeGermuska #
  • @emilybell /me gob-smacked. Just so! I say my work is about "impedance mismatch" ie "what's happening now" | context / facts. Spidering now! #
  • When I hear people making mountains out of mole-hills I again think that the better things get, the less folk think. #
  • @JoeGermuska The phrase I use, for them and others, is "refractory to #innovation quot;. Legal might be worst, maybe, but not unique. in reply to JoeGermuska #
  • @JoeGermuska Of more interest to me: who's actually complacent, and what's the ground to that? Who's blind to facts, and how is that so? in reply to JoeGermuska #
  • #ParticipatoryDeliberation – Not saying folk always think straight but studying I conclude there's usually good reason for bad feelings. #
  • @Quiet_Minds Buddh 101: Fear of getting what we don't want; not getting what we want; losing what we want to keep; keeping we'd rather lose. in reply to Quiet_Minds #
  • @jianghomeshi It's all down-hill from here! ;p in reply to jianghomeshi #
  • @theedmontonian 3PM drum circle at Mustard Seed. That would be an interesting event to cover. in reply to theedmontonian #
  • #Nutrition – Finally bought a decent juicer. Just small, but Moulinex. PITA to clean; works like a charm! *yummmm* apple / celery / squash #
  • @theedmontonian Marcus knows how to get the press for himself heh. But I figured it being at Mustard Seed was great slant. cheers in reply to theedmontonian #
  • @CoachChic My thing is this: "legitimate grievance" doesn't mean folk talk sense. > < "I deserve to win" isn't enough. in reply to CoachChic #
  • #Libertarian – Sorry folks, talking like cartoon characters may win you flaky supporters but it won't win the day. #
  • I work through things like "epistemic responsibility and epistemic pessimism" and folk routinely make it seem like a silly waste of time. #
  • #NHL "That's not a dirty play, just a hard check". No … body-slamming the guy to the ice is notRPTnot "just a good hard check". #arse #

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