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  • 70% of US sez economy's on the wrong track. Internationalization squeezing the middle class? Gee, that's what we warned about in '76! #GATT #
  • @IdeaGov Ohhh the Omidyar site was right hot a few years ago; recall that with pleasure! But I'm thinking more technical stuff. Legalities. in reply to IdeaGov #
  • @IdeaGov Take 2: creating a proposal for @pierre's work … that's a technical task. So is setting up a legit non-profit. #ReInventTheWheel in reply to IdeaGov #
  • @digiphile – I /knew/ I left someone off this distro list! :-) < cc: "@IdeaGov @JohnFMoore @AdrielHampton #
  • @gagnier – Hi there. This just to say hello re: my > < cheers –ben aka @ITGeek #
  • "What Motivates a Climate Skeptic?" by @dismogblog > < via I forget. #
  • "The Ever Growing Partisan Divide Over Global Warming" by Chris Moore > < ( #
  • @ReformedBuddha Gotta luv those brilliant eyes. Fear w/o paranoid ego-games. :-) in reply to ReformedBuddha #
  • @DiggsWayne I have a great Picasso story but 140 ain't enough. Punchline: "I /often/ paint forgeries!" in reply to DiggsWayne #
  • I know what I'm not: scholar, business wiz, software guru. But I know what I am, too: technologist. I think I deserve my bowl of stew. #
  • ac360 Try this: say mum … then say mawm. The diff is mom VS ma'am. :-) #
  • "The Ever Growing Partisan Divide Over Global Warming" by Chris Moore > < ( #
  • @support – Why can I now not include greater than and less than? I use them to delineate, but always get > and <. #PleaseFix #
  • @support Odd … < and > show up in new web interface, but not in old. #
  • @ChrisPirillo heh … good old days. I only use MS for my Rainbow Family / hippie stuff. :-) in reply to ChrisPirillo #
  • #Syrian gov't troops have lost their minds. 75 dead in Damascus? 75?! Smarmy smiling bastard … there's gonna be hell on earth here on in. #
  • @CoachChic Oh hey, no clash w/you on that. More: total agreement. But my kidz planet is still getting trashed, is whott. p.s. BOS|MTL wh00t! in reply to CoachChic #
  • @krystopher Is #meltingpot a restaurant? a recipe? or an event? Curious minds &tc &tc &tc … in reply to krystopher #
  • I swear I'm gonna go postal on the next person who says, "Good ideas are a dime a dozen". No, really … #
  • @krystopher C'mon, dish bro'! I'm on Whyte and 96th … grew up Strathearn. / Strathcona. p.s. you know the Blue Chair? in reply to krystopher #
  • @CoachChic Part of my anger management technique is to avoid images I might fix in mind. Don't think pink elephant, don't think huh huh in reply to CoachChic #
  • @CoachChic And I'm a Habs fan: best way to beat Boston is 4 straight. Just cuz. *snort* in reply to CoachChic #
  • #NewToMe – @CockpitEU "aims to define a new Governance model" #EGov #Gov2.0 #
  • @CockpitEU Hi there – Glad to have found you! p.s. your site has "Home" as title on homepage. Needs better, for bookmarking, yes? cheers #
  • @krystopher Boy, I haven't been that far S in yrs and yrs. You talking something like 23rd Ave? in reply to krystopher #
  • @CoachChic I like the "odd" games. Especially when they're not sloppy. Brain-cramps hurt! (Spollen: let the goalie handle the puck!!!) in reply to CoachChic #
  • Just un-masked a really silly PITA hunk of bit-rot. Managing multiple domains gives me headache. (read: it shows I'm a slob!) #
  • "White-Collar Criminals Weave New 'Tangled Webs'" (NPR) < "Tangled Webs" (Amazon) > < #
  • @NPR This popup players talked of support from Columbia, c/w URL, but I missed it. (Player thanks various sponsors.) Can you get it for me? in reply to NPR #
  • Folk who use software in their "job" are rarely good customers. But folk who use software to #GetThingsDone Great customers! #GTD #
  • @toughLoveforx Yes, just so: the impulse to engage. But "social software", where folk have 750 FB "friends" who "like music and movies"? in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • @NaomiAKlein Hey Naomi GATT Fly" ring a bell? UofT's "G8 Rsch Group" brought them to mind. The good old days! p.s. #
  • @toughLoveforx There, yes indeed, that. Hard to make explicit; something about what I call "authentic presence". Choosing /not/ the ersatz. in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • @CanadaBusiness Hi there – NB: /eng/alberta fails (from your sidebar menu form) as does /alberta (from a brochure) … please fix? cheers #
  • @toughLoveforx *grin* "discourse-based decision support system" is my project. I just registered huh huh in reply to toughLoveforx #
  • "America‚Äôs Service Economy needs servicing." by @IdeaGov > < ( #
  • @IdeaGov Chat re: population bomb on LinkedIn turned to consumerism so I used that post to bring up service economy. < in reply to IdeaGov #

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