BenTrem tweeted on 2011-04-23

  • @All_Habs 1) wrist, not slap 2) near corner, not far (less traffic) and 3) *snicker* in off the cross-bar! *wh000t!* #GoHabsGo #NHL #Subban in reply to All_Habs #
  • You're the nasty square-head crackers who slammed me into school lockers in '69 cuz my hair was long. And *Guess what!* you still deny it. #
  • @newmediajim You only foursquare the good stuff?! Jim? You become a druggie? You stoned? You okay? in reply to newmediajim #
  • "Attention economy" means that your high elbows and cold shoulder attitude takes on special meaning and value. You think that's good?! #
  • 8 ball corner pocket; 140 characters is easily enough. You can't deal with this. You can't deal with blog. Wiki's too complex. You cheat. #
  • @clarocada Most folk I unFollow, I Follow w/@ITGeek. In your case … I have to wonder (and this is rare) what was I thinking? That's sad. in reply to clarocada #
  • @trakgalvis In your bio you speak of mathematics. But in your tweet you reduced the democratic process to Like|UnLike. Sir: you stand thus _ in reply to trakgalvis #
  • @SystemsWiki Been there / done that. (No diss!) My question is this: who dare actualize the results? I'm so airborne/asshole, I ask truly. in reply to SystemsWiki #
  • @SystemsWiki p.s. I notice you did not reFollow. I'm too cheesy for your sensibilities? I don't rate your rare attention? Do tell. (Haa!) #
  • @WassabiCollective – Seduce me now. #Gov2 0 is BS. "Participatory deliberation" is a pipe dream. I'll do sound; provide the opium high. #
  • History is not context? Then you don't know what ego is, as a person. You claim too much because you grant too little. No team. #Innovation #
  • @cswanger Hunh? In my experience most everything can be addictive. I guess that's why NORAD/SAC chose me to fix their comms. *shrug* in reply to cswanger #
  • #NowPlaying – Jethro Tull "Hymn #3 quot; … loud (4:45 MST) #music #
  • You want to win at "attention economy". Oh. Silly me. Since childhood I believed in doing things well. Silly Me? Really? You want that? 0_o #
  • @support @twitter – I'm sorry, I truly do try to be nice. But when it comes to through-put? You guys don't care about what I groked in 80s. #
  • @jobsworth !Synch! In iTunes just now: Mancini's "Romeo and Juliet". I wrote a decent solo piano version of that. Classics live on! in reply to jobsworth #
  • @geoffliving Bait and switch:friends and I grapple with democracy; you ignore what we've tried to do with "crowdsourcing" then promote it. in reply to geoffliving #
  • Bear this in mind: you play along with "attention economy" while reserving the right to dissent. No guns, just logistics for crematoria. #
  • @jobsworth Wow … are you listening and enjoying? or just schilling a play list? I know what I'd guess. Tell me again about "hippie". in reply to jobsworth #
  • Dear friends – If you aren't crooked, then /why/ do you suck up to crooks? Alternative: democracy. Stop stacking the deck. Fascist much? #
  • My mistake: I didn't carry on. You aren't decent people. You work hard, like whores and slaves. Like pearls to swine: in the mud. #
  • ==30== TD __{*}__ #
  • @jobsworth Me? 14 in '68. #NowPlaying Beatles "Come Together". Egoistic contrivance contradicts the points. Or, rather, makes mine. *shrug* in reply to jobsworth #
  • @geoffliving "Um, yeah" … meant as hello, that would work. Otherwise? C'mon … diss me, diss yourself. "Um, yeah" … wow … impressive? in reply to geoffliving #
  • @trakgalvis E=MC2 … BS = BS. Next? in reply to trakgalvis #
  • @trakgalvis "Watch the elegant peregrination as I fail to sink the 8 ball". That's your culture? I'm stupid. I just sinke the f'n ball. in reply to trakgalvis #
  • #NowPlaying – Kinks "You got me going". #
  • @jobsworth The club on the "strip" I have the strongest hope for was playing classics tonight. Others were just foolish full. A good time! in reply to jobsworth #
  • See, thing is, I spent 30yrs on an experiment. Results are in: you don't RPT don't want to get things done. You're the square-heads of '68. #
  • Listen, lummacks. /Listen/. How good is that drummer? that singer? that guitarist? So: how come you don't care about #Gov2 0? Easy: fraud. #
  • p..s. what I mean is simply this: you're crooked. Bent. Corrupt. You lie for a living. You cheat. You lie. Nothing subtle or complex. Is all #
  • Alcohol doesn't make me sick. But you do. Feckless impunity … ponder that for a moment. Ever dared feel dread? I have. #
  • @jayrosen_nyu Clever … you mean "attention economy"? rather than forensic logic? Mmmmm … sorry, I'll stick to the losing team here. in reply to jayrosen_nyu #
  • @AliVelshi "DoJ Eyes Energy Industry" … wow, that's breaking news? As I tweeted to @jayrosen_nyu: forensic logic is the losers' team. in reply to AliVelshi #
  • Hey, all you "nice" folk, just a concept: how'bout trying honest authenticity? Oh, I know, your disposable income will crash. But still … #
  • @IdeaGov @JohnFMoore @AdrielHampton – Do you know anybody who's done spade work setting up an institute / think-tank / foundation? #Gov2 0 #
  • @fusedlogicTV – The Twitter follow icon top right on homepage points to … cheers #

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