BenTrem tweeted on 2011-03-28

  • @skap5 Well … in the abstract, sure. Concretely there are events. Without that product it's sophistry, don't you agree? in reply to skap5 #
  • @skap5 p.s. in contradistinction to pure research. Techne and praxis … not just sizzle: beef. in reply to skap5 #
  • No, Virginia, same shit / different pile is not RPTnot innovation. It may be how my yuppie cohort enriched themselves, but that's cant. #
  • Fred thinks only of himself. Solipsistic narcissists think only of themselves.
    But maybe Fred he just internalized bad manners. #paradigm #
  • How to get me to ignore you: start your reply with "Now just calm down" … #
  • The A-list's game, in short: "You will suffer and indulge my patronizing arrogance and condescension else you will be ostracized." #borg #
  • Real productivity goes over-board when the best and brightest become addicted to circle-jerk. (And yes, that process is self-validating.) #
  • Reading the Vidyadhara on how anger is intelligent, I again ponder how sangha is so rarely angry yet so often condemning of people. #dharma #

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