BenTrem tweeted on 2011-03-27

  • @cameronreilly "hence the Earth, made mostly of carbon, we wouldn’t be here." uhhh … wooops! in reply to cameronreilly #
  • A glimpse of our future in Global Gulag? North Korea's chronic under-nutrition is slipping into acute. Late frost last spring, summer floods #
  • I imagined this "social media" stuff back in the 70s. Know what? The down-side is huge. You're all hyper-busy. Too busy to notice. #
  • @monaeltahawy I wish there could be real comraderie between what's happening now and Latin/South America in the 70s. It's about decency, ya? in reply to monaeltahawy #
  • @paigelovesbooks Funny: earlier today I remember my teacher (@ponlop) 20 yrs ago: "Give folk a break!" cc: @sharonsalzberg in reply to sharonsalzberg #
  • I earlier suggested, insidiously, a litmus test for psychopaths. Here's one for yuppies: "That pissed you off? Good. I like pissed off." #
  • @marjoriemliu To a friend: "and I didn't have to but I got up, went to my desk and started writing". She A'd, "You're a writer". @gapingvoid in reply to gapingvoid #
  • "Ultimately, it is the Libyan people themselves who will forge the path forward for #Libya " via @StateDept #
  • Gadhafi's thugs show their true colors: rape victim grabbed and bundled away for complaining; journalists roughed up. You're sick, Saif! #
  • @skap5 Is a peculiar aspect of real innovation: it strains conventional metaphors to breaking if it's truly new! in reply to skap5 #
  • Ajdabiya liberated! #Libya #

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