BenTrem tweeted on 2011-02-23

  • #YEG – You were stupid when I left here 25yrs ago and you're stupider and more corrupt now. Your pride: you're better with sophistry. #
  • #YEG – – My glasses are broken. I am blind. And I still have more vision than you. How sad. You are accepted, and rich. How sad. #
  • @jkuramot Invisible "auditt"? Audiit?! I dumb my language down to try to communicate; yuppies' kidz pretend to sophistication, in order to . in reply to jkuramot #
  • @jkuramot You earn your salt by bullshit. I'm sorry. I earn mine by making problems clear and then solving them. Such a loser I am? meh in reply to jkuramot #
  • @tylerdewar Howw nice: "Not sure". Don't strain yourself to actually write a full sentence. Your contempt is manifest. KyeHo. in reply to tylerdewar #
  • @ponlop – This pathetic practitioner wails at how your finest show nothing but the stink of piety. I know our lineage is more. Thanks! TD. #
  • #Bahrain – How fucked are yuppies? They ignore Peter Gabriell's music. . How flucked am I? I wait for my cohort to pay attention. #
  • @tylerdewar Tell Marpy that 20yrs of your contempt matter naught. > < I despise lotsawa entirely. in reply to tylerdewar #
  • You buy bliss nice, easy, convenient. Make an effort, slothful pig: #
  • @ponlop Rinpoche: for to those who aren't mind-melded with the bullshit, that's all it is: bullshit. I''m lucky. Not all are. Not about me. #
  • @jkuramot I took my sword and stepped off the red carpet. Yes, I know what you mean. I bled to live. You can't bother to merely say. meh in reply to jkuramot #
  • *Om Vajra Maha-guru Tsawi.Lama Sarvi Sidhi Hum* So bring on the tear-gas you twats. Not all of us a virgins. I dare you. Dare you. Ya basta! #
  • @ToughLoveforX Way cool f[abstraction] = 0. Don't you think? in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • @ToughLoveforX Sound engineers = 0; MIL-SPEC tech_docs = O. Seems to me the BS game entails reducing me to 0. I /do/. Praxis. Period. in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • @3arabawy SWAPO. The only group I ever met who actually talked honest sense. Call me cowboy wannabe badawi. *shrug* I just do the work. in reply to 3arabawy #
  • @ToughLoveforX Write very long, very detailed, very technical documents … flawlessly. An arcane skill set that matters ever less each day. in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • @jkuramot "Suck pretty hard" … it's been a while since I was 16. How are you? in reply to jkuramot #
  • @ToughLoveforX So maybe this is all about devluing the work I've invested over the past years. And chatting over Twitter is uber-lame. in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • @tylerdewar p.s. Tell Marpa you win. Not me. Not him. You. I quit. You won't hear from me again. You win. I'm goat shit. Congrats? #
  • Congratulations, yuppie:just when others are bleeding in the streets for basic democracy, you're so in debt you have to sell out. #Ass #
  • @ToughLoveforX Horse shit. Best way to devalue my work is to insist on Tweets. I say. Not a discussion. in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • @ToughLoveforX I''m not interested in others' approximation of what might be needed sometime for something in some way. That was 1980s. in reply to ToughLoveforX #
  • You win. You defeated me. You wore me down. Congratulations. Fuck "participatory deliberation" until / unless /you/ can profit by it. #
  • @ToughLoveforX Wow. #ecosys and @SourcePoV negates my experience. Fine. I stand negated. I'll just shut up now. bye in reply to ToughLoveforX #

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