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  • "Dzogchen @Ponlop Rinpoche's Aspiration for American Buddhism | NYC @RebelBuddha Panel Discussion " > < #dharma #
  • @DavidMTaylor re: TBaggers see Voltaire quote on my < 5th from the top or so. (Hope you enjoy the others, too!) in reply to DavidMTaylor #
  • Word on CBC radio news is that things are hotting up in Tripoli. #Libya #
  • If your comfortable with French: News from #Algeria > < #
  • #Libya – Unconfirmed that 1 Army unit has turned coat. I think that's the way it will have to go: Gaddafi w/o Army is Gaddafi w/o power. #
  • In 1996 our international NGO pressed for connections right down to the neighborhood level. Result? Our federal grants were cut. #context #
  • A-list prospers by throttling innovation in order to take it over on its own schedule. So 2011 we have to scramble to replicate lost tech. #
  • #history – The first MMPOG, ghastly example of how companies drop the ball: circa 1996 > < #
  • "Tens of thousands march peacefully for reforms in #Morocco quot; > < (LATimes) via @trip_44 #
  • @ArabRevolution I wonder why all "heroic" figures eventually become tin-pot dictators? Is why I stepped off "red carpet" when I was young. in reply to ArabRevolution #
  • CNN running headling: "Protesters celebrating liberation of Benghazi" #Libya #
  • Funny what you lose when you move: after I went to NS I did sound 2ce and engineered 1 record. Coming back to YEG, I've drummed almost 0. #
  • @tylerdewar Was it just Hali Nitartha, or did everybody have that set of study material? It could be webified. Especially if files exist. in reply to tylerdewar #
  • @tylerdewar BTW when I moved back to AB from NS one box went missing. Yep. Lost almost 1/2 my books books. (No texts, thankfully!) in reply to tylerdewar #
  • "Right answer" doesn't enable discourse. It moots it. This doesn't dignify individuals. But dignified individuals are base to civil society. #
  • Website asking for donations says "200+ hrs/mnth to curate", ok maybe. But then. "Add to that another 200 for the Twitter feed". *bzzzzzt!* #
  • @sbnboston – I love following RT back to something so substantial. Greets! Is #ParticipatoryBudgeting part of your tool-kit? #
  • @jkuramot IMNSHO it depends on whether censorship is evident and explicit or hidden; hidden redaction creates a false image, which sux. in reply to jkuramot #
  • @DougSaunders yoiks … that area is soooo proud … can't imagine even African UN troops being welcome. And I'm a big fan of blue helmets. in reply to DougSaunders #
  • #Woe – "Blogs were once the outlet of choice for people who wanted to express themselves online." > < Beef => Popcorn. #
  • #Woe – "2006 to 2009, blogging among children ages 12 to 17 fell by half" > < (NYTimes) #
  • JohnFMoore _ I expected to see some variation of Gov2.0 here > < but did not. *blink* #
  • #Woe – “Blogging can be a very lonely occupation; you write out into the abyss” > < (NYTimes) #
  • "Data Shows That Internet Access in #Bahrain is Being Restricted" > < (NYTimes) #
  • @revkin – RFE: "Click for fullsize" on "budget map". NYT's system provides some sort of ZoomBox, no? #
  • "A #Budget Map Reveals a Troubled Future" by @revkin > < (NYtimes @dotearth) #InfoGraphics #
  • #InfoGraphics "Making sense of complex issues through data and design" h/t @revkin @dotearch #
  • #Quirks – "I wash plates, then glasses, then cutlery". *wrong* Why wash the greasiest (plates) before the cleanest? (glasses) *D'uhh* #
  • @jkuramot Principles always collapse! :) What if there was selective / invisible editing/redaction/censorship? Is what I call #GlobalGulag in reply to jkuramot #
  • @tylerdewar Part of what I notice: a lot of what's produced doesn't get mmmm "leveraged" by new methods / technologies. in reply to tylerdewar #
  • "world scientific information system accessible by any scientist anywhere in the world." (1992) cc: @NicholasGruen #
  • I'll be darned … scholars agree with me! #matrix "Self-deception: A paradox revisited" > < #
  • #Libyan ambassador to India on Al Jazeera: "I quit because of this crime against humanity… going on in my country." via @DougSaunders #
  • "In uprisings against police states, the outcome often rests on one calculation" "When Armies Decide" > < (NYTimes) #
  • "10 Steps To Open Government" A year after "Open Government Directive" > < (InfoWeek) h/t @timoreilly #Gov2 0 #
  • #Vista – Going nutz. Many times/day keyboard spontaneously switches language. (I need 2.) Where do I find what hot-keys are? to switch back? #
  • So much talk about "social" and "open", so much about "collaboration", but I'm sorry: I see glad-handing, empty smiles, cold-shoulders. #

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