BenTrem tweeted on 2010-12-11

  • I think most folk put up with the cut and thrust of day to day life because, basically, they're sucking up. Life as the big con. Me? *sigh* #
  • @parkerspitzer – Thanks, Ms Parker; "social media" is deff fracture / dissipation. (I've been activist online since '68.) #SocialPathology #
  • @JourneyBuddhism Whatever you understand, if truly understood, is heart. Otherwise? Suppositions, familiarity, conceptual constructs. TD! #
  • Finally! After days of spending many hours outside (Yes, in the snow.) Cat has finally realized: just hunker down and snooze; liberation! #
  • p.s. the trick? Just like winter camping … never wanna get /too/ cold cuz /too/ cold really, really, sucks. Primordial fear tranforms. :-) #
  • Surprise surprise: when police see fellow officer violent pig, they say nothing. They hide it. They cheat. They lie. LEO?! Hardly. #yuppies #
  • I "pick on" yuppies because most of you are shit-eating cowards who profit by sucking up to crypto-fascist. Nothing complicated here. #borg #
  • Demonstrations get violent because militants are sickened by the mealy-mouthed hypocracy that you take as the norm. Gee, astro-physics. #
  • Google's "most searched" list? Facebook is #1 Cuz you gotta use Google to find anything on FB. Cuz FB more/less sucks. #
  • Aviation officials lose track of over 100K airplanes. Freakin' #yuppies … suck up, get the job, take the pay, and screw doing the work. #
  • What is theft? For e.g.: lay claim to standing for liberty and justice, then do otherwise. Uncle Sam with his pants to his ankles. #
  • Remember M. Scott Peck? No, you wouldn't. He had been a psycho-analyst. Wrote a few books on decency and civility and community. Shrugable. #
  • @thinkBIG_blog Likely the $5K could be accounted for as "schmooze". In "attention economy" that must be seen as prime. in reply to thinkBIG_blog #

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