BenTrem tweeted on 2010-12-10

  • GOP strategy?! Simple: screw the Republic and then blame limp-wristed pinko-commie bleeding-heart liberal Democrats. TeaBaggers' pathology. #
  • @motownmutt re: router settings – 3 days ago my XP box stopped sharing my Vista box's net connection. Today it was all good. *blink* in reply to motownmutt #
  • "Bla-yada-blah GOP beat up on us yada-bla-yada GOP black-mailed us …" Piss or get off the pot; fish or cut bait. GD #yuppies #
  • If you were making, say, $50M+ each year, would you care about "progress"? TeaBaggers are sick, but #yuppies behaave as though lame/stupid. #
  • BTW I certainly don't mean that #yuppies are stupid. Their sophistry is refined, their self-delusion is profound; their mendacity? Vast. #
  • Keep in mind: your social and personal constructs /require/ you to ignore fundamentals. Is why actually realizing Zen ain't fuckin' likely. #
  • @motownmutt OMG you've nailed it: the "or something" factor. Betcha (not kidding) my case had something to do with IP renewing. cheers in reply to motownmutt #
  • Next step in Haiti: civil war. Organized crime will get involved. Look at the situation in Mexico. Now imagine that w/less infrastructure. #

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