BenTrem tweeted on 2010-11-25

  • #YEG – Conservative gov't can go nuts for a fancy weekend but won't pony up for a huge show here in Edmonton. They're just dorks. #
  • @CJCreggConcanno To translate their sophistry, "Xxxx doesn't go along with us; they're traitors, so they lie." in reply to CJCreggConcanno #
  • @corneredrats – Hi there; just got confirmation that payment went through. Can you check your email? … name change in reply to corneredrats #
  • Looking back over the past years, and recalling the past decades, "Gov2.0" types have been the single most disheartening phenomenon. #
  • @MrGutsMan No, "You're a pawn" is an opinion you hold. Not a fact. They're different. I suggest psychotherapy. Or read a fucking dictionary. in reply to MrGutsMan #
  • @AI_AGW Fine, what you wrote there is (patronizingly) clear. I've been saying that since the 70s. What you wrote isn't typical verbiage. in reply to AI_AGW #
  • Deniers are troglodytes and "activists" are flakey. God help us. #
  • @MrGutsMan "Hey, Karl Rove, Hey, can you make me President?" … flake. I notice no URL on your profile. Let me guess: you're paranoid. in reply to MrGutsMan #
  • @digiphile Beth Noveck's "It's what we do with that data" is what I've been saying since '75. But A-list is too busy to do it. Partiality. #
  • @Lord_Marbury Shorter, indeed. By decades of malnutrition? The French are shorter because the cream was skimmed in dubyadubya one. in reply to Lord_Marbury #
  • @SimonBoylan A zennist is properly always in reality-test mode. in reply to SimonBoylan #
  • Where ever did you find so many turkeys to shoot?! Lucky you. (YouTube #
  • @MrGutsMan @MrGutsMan So this shows you're ignorant (No, "opinion" isn't the same as "fact") and aggressive. Surprise? None. Asshole. in reply to MrGutsMan #
  • @SimonBoylan Quote? Oh, no, no quote … just a thought in the moment. in reply to SimonBoylan #
  • @digiphile Sorry, I can't de-construct "not tuned into the issue for far shorter a time than that". in reply to digiphile #
  • @MrGutsMan "CAN'T WAIT TO DRIVE MY V8 gas guzzling TRUCK!" then you say I'm a pedophile because you disagree with me. Yepp, deff TeaBagger. in reply to MrGutsMan #
  • @MrGutsMan "they have convinced you to tax the air you breath"? Fiction. I called you a pawn? Fiction. I suggest psychotherapy. in reply to MrGutsMan #
  • @digiphile Uhhh … okay … but this to me seems far from, "Oh yes, great, let's implement / deploy a topological decision support system". in reply to digiphile #
  • Case in point: editor of a magazine I'm tempted to respect tweets about getting discount at an online apparel store … and so it goes. #
  • @digiphile Exactly: if it isn't familiar, it isn't of interest. And this is, after all, the "interest economy". in reply to digiphile #
  • @MrGutsMan Look, neurotic says "I hate you cuz you don't agree." Psychotic says, "What I think is fact because I think it. That's truth." in reply to MrGutsMan #

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