BenTrem tweeted on 2010-11-22

  • @AI_AGW – A cold day doesn't have anything to do with GCC? And a hot day? Weather doesn't matter? Oh, sorry: facts don't matter. Nor data. in reply to AI_AGW #
  • @MrGutsMan Switched? You mean "learned something"?

    Right: TeaBagge… (YouTube #

  • The material is just bits and pieces butt-spliced. But the message? Total cra… (YouTube #
  • @AI_AGW … dissing chem-trails. Well, that's a start. But you know your message, to me, is garbled. I never stooped to pseudo-"popularism". in reply to AI_AGW #
  • Watching a very fine movie about yuppies. When I was young I thought you were pathetic. Now? Now I'm a lot more certain. #yuppies #matrix #
  • Here's what it comes down to: you treat one another like shit, then live your lives yearning for appreciation. Stupid? No … really dumb. #
  • The greatest wealth the planet has ever seen … and you've fucked yourselves, your kids, and the planet itself. But don't think. No no … #
  • In the movie the proff doesn't recognize daffodils his daughter is planting. In real life David Suzuki didn't know the Spanish for "hello". #

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