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  • You aren't thinking: things you shrug off are those that matter most. Is why you shrug them off. I want to promote discourse; you hate me, #
  • I'd far, far rather die with infantry than live with you. You stink, to me … stink of fear, dishonesty, rotted milk, masturbation. #
  • @_karmadorje I've been thinking (old dharma bum, here) … seems to me tonglen is pret'near best a body can do. Rainbow Body? *shrug* E.Ma! in reply to _karmadorje #
  • @ponlop I'll always be able to say just how I failed. Marpa's just a cracker; why my lama-lah spurned me? Cuz I'm a bad person, of course. in reply to ponlop #
  • Dear yuppies: please swallow your tongues and die. Just die. Leave the planet. Living is far, far worse karma. Or smarten the fuck up. #
  • Yes, of course you can think of your sins as minor. That's your gift: re-thinking things. Then you mock TeaBaggers. But they learned from U. #
  • My path? 35+ years not shooting you. No, not metaphor. I mean not gunning you down as foul, poisonous insults to human nature. My albatross. #
  • Broken vet can't get permits to adjust his vehicle. After he got his drivers' licence. Yuppies. YUPPIES. FUCKING YUPPIES. You're foul. #
  • You /thrive/ by devaluing the good … is why the psychopaths over-pay you … is why you have only false self-esteem. You /live/ by "foul". #
  • Glad-handing hypocrits. Tell me again how Twitter is paradigmatic of OpenSource, Agile; tell me again, do. Q: know anything good? Anything? #
  • You wouldn't recognize the workd "ostracism", or pretend it's meaningless, but it's how you live. Isn't that so, @ponlop? The cold shoulder? #
  • #YEG – GreyCup comms shows what this city is about: 1998 … cracker yuppies claiming turf and covering their ass. My home /sucks/. #
  • @NigelTeece Betcha "Carpe Diem" gets retweeted endlessly. Totally /lame/. cc: @andrew_rickmann in reply to andrew_rickmann #
  • @trakgalvis News?! *blink* in reply to trakgalvis #
  • @huffpo Horse-shit. "Change" is status quo. Get with the program, lamerz. in reply to huffpo #
  • @mario Man that's like … soooo profound! *Not* in reply to mario #
  • @mario – "Oh, and where in NYC can I buy these furry hats with ears on?" You aren't on crack … lemme guess … you've succeeded! #lamerz in reply to mario #
  • "This life coach says her dogs make her happy, so she spends time with them"; and you fucking lamerz pay her. Totally pathetic generation. #
  • @mario *sigh* Of course in response to that authenticity I must, of course, un-do my unFollow. stay well ^5 in reply to mario #
  • @mario p.s. fly the flag … as though you owed it to someone. Your homepage is hardly better than tumblr. see mine … no, really. ^5 in reply to mario #
  • Know why I do "wrong"? You're so dishonest you'd never figure it out: it's comms check. You punish bad, but ignore my best. You're crooked. #
  • Want a joke? for 5+ yrs (30?) I've talked "discourse". Now 5 channels I know what 1 on 1 shows. You ignored me. Now you bullshit. Fuck you! #
  • Capitalists are such total fascists. "Sell sell sell" while they sit on their bags of gold. You? You get paid to help them. Choke / die. #
  • Know what I don't hear from HH Dalai Lama? "Kiss ass". Cuz, see, kiss ass rewards ill. Makes "the wrong seem true". That's sin. cc: @ponlop #
  • How stupid am I? This stupid: 2 rules. 1) don't make the wrong seem true; 2) don't obstruct the development of another. The rest? FUCK YOU!! #
  • You think it's witty to put another person down. How totally fucked … what advantage have you lacked? Yet you're totally fucked. 2+2=4 #
  • "Some of the actions you've taken can be interpreted as anti-business" … that's what smart people say? FUCK YOU DIE YUPPIES. It's vague. #
  • I /told/ you Obama is no great orator. I /told/ you that. I /SAID/ that. He's /LAME/ at G-20. Lame. LAME. !!LAME!! F'n Dem yuppies. #
  • Obama talks less well than a fucking street vendor. He's fulla shit. You're fulla shit. The clam-boat you road on was fulla shit. FUCK YOU! #
  • As I said in his campaign: Obama might recognize a rhetorically elegant phrase IFF it slapped him upside the head. Maybe. Only maybe. #
  • Q: What's the diff between US Dem and TeaBagger? A: under the surface? I dunno. I'm not sure. I wish I could say. I can't. #BS #
  • Head of OXFAM on prime-time TV … betcha he says nuthin'; betcha he's just yuppie. Let's see. "Drop Washington concensus." Prats. DIE! #
  • "Bla-blah Hi bla-blah my name is bla-blah I have a nice suit bla-blah I can speak in acronyms bla-blah I'm not with the administration …" #
  • F'n yuppies. F'n yuppies: you had the luxury of free time, you had good education, you had freedom from want … you're terribly wrong. #
  • "The solution to this – get more people connected." Oh, really? I recommended just that, for years. I see no benefits. Just more thrash. #
  • I'm looking at Twitter/Profile/Settings. I see my avatar. I don't see how to change it. Why does this have to be difficult??!!! #
  • 4. Click on Change Image along with the profile picture." … there is no such Click. WTF … this just pisses me off soooooo bad. @support #
  • @_karmadorje I changed browser and that took care of it. Anarchy/entropy. stay well TD in reply to _karmadorje #
  • @_karmadorje Interesting, that … angry at trees that dare to drop trees. "Reality just refuses to obey me!" heh … paradigmatic hubris! in reply to _karmadorje #
  • @Ogmin I go back to Uttara Tantra Shastra; now & again a bit comes clear; then it's time for *wh000t!* huh huh cc: @_karmadorje in reply to Ogmin #
  • @Ogmin Tashi Delek long-hair! :-) thanks to @_karmadorje for the intro. (Lovely homepage; mine is ) #
  • @Ogmin heehee, I just found "UTTARATANTRA" cited in the left side-bar of one of your pages. E.Ma! *beam* cc: @_karmadorje in reply to Ogmin #

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