BenTrem tweeted on 2010-11-12

  • The nurse booking me for surgery today was decent. I tried to recall last time I encountered someone decent. Nothing came to mind. HeyHo #
  • @kulpreetsingh It's probably an over-all good idea. You know, birds of a feather. have fun! #
  • @AndreSheeran Thanks for the link to the t-shirt … now I know I should block you immediately. in reply to AndreSheeran #
  • #YEG – Next year for Remebrance Day "Flanders Fields" please find someone whose can pronounce French understandably. ^5 #
  • 1 wiki spam attack: 48 pages to revert. PITA! #
  • @_karmadorje Monday next week. And nothing serious … just enough to provide opportunity to check in with fear & dread. :-) TD! in reply to _karmadorje #
  • @eric_kavanagh That Persian proverb can be used otherwise; those hurt / wounded find "comfort" where they can i.e. anti-realist politics. in reply to eric_kavanagh #

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