BenTrem tweeted on 2010-11-08

  • TV coverage of "We Day 2010" > < #
  • Just a thought: seems to me Veterans' Day / Remebrance Day would be a good time for _tonglen_. #dharma #
  • Q: why aren't mandala nice soft pastel shades? (Rhetorical. Now showing: "We Were Soliders") #dharma #
  • Q: why aren't mandala nice soft pastel shades? (Rhetorical question. Now showing: "We Were Soldiers") #dharma #
  • @dahowlett Qu: has anyone ever commented on / celebrated the fact of Twitter team being responsive? (Agile? Maybe, but too closed for me.) in reply to dahowlett #
  • FWIW: Zenyatta, out of the gate dead last (as is her habit) did her thing coming up and at the end … lost by a head. Barely more than nose #
  • @dahowlett (no ReFollow; can't DM. Too bad / so sad.) Take a page from SgtMaj Plumley's book. Some substantial rude clears the air. !j/k #
  • @dahowlett No doubt / never thought otherwise. in reply to dahowlett #

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