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  • @ozarkherbs Double whammy, what with folk in Pakistan still dealing w/flood consequences. Ah-lah, so much of our wealth wasted! in reply to ozarkherbs #
  • Wow, Schwab's new ads rock. "Talk to Chuck" … how can that not succeed? #
  • I keep seeing the same thing over and over again, TeaStained Republicans refuse to do the math. The stimulus package had "no effect". Insane #
  • @eric_kavanagh huh huh, I know how that works: 1st I give some milk, then more cream, then a bunch of butter, then cheese, then the cow … in reply to eric_kavanagh #
  • TeaHead dogma: evolution is only a theory. Economics is only theory. Mathematics is only theory. Arithmetic; just a theory. Reality? Theory #
  • #Music – Is there some sorta award for songs that are particularly lame/dumb? I nominate "Rocketeer". #
  • @DrMarsha I recall the day "Hebb assemblies" made sense to me … a eureka moment! It's great to see all the work w/plasticity. enjoy! in reply to DrMarsha #
  • Ohh! "Shnatideva's Bodhicharya Online Shedra" > < #dharma #
  • Teddy-bears go toe to toe "Hello, I am a Tea Partier." > < (YouTube) #
  • @tylerdewar Wow! Just found HHK on TED … you look great! :-) in reply to tylerdewar #
  • His Holiness Karmapa on "The technology of the heart" at TED > < #
  • There's something like disagreement rang.tong shen.tong, but is that it? Are there any others? Controversies even? (for my project2) #dharma #
  • @eric_kavanagh Oh, pls forgive if it seemed I was imputing motives. Just saying that's how it actualizes, is all. Many give; the few take. in reply to eric_kavanagh #
  • @IdeaGov Danger: in hard times we feel justified in merely holding on to what's reasonably decent; holding actions. So hard times numb. in reply to IdeaGov #
  • "… to allow the information we have to really make a change in our hearts." –HHK > < 19:30 #dharma #
  • "Whatever work you're trying to do now to benefit the world, sink into that, get a full taste of that." –HHK > < 20:45 #
  • So let's say I deployed my discourse system; what would we talk about? see "Hello, Democrats" > < #matrix #
  • @NewMindMirror re: Visual – late 90s I used VRML to "tumble" arrays of terms and links; is anybody doing such a thing now? TIA #3D in reply to NewMindMirror #
  • @BritishRT p.s. familiar with Tibetan tangka? Actually each one is comprised of sets of mnemonic symbols. A visual text! :-) in reply to BritishRT #
  • Wow Jann Arden "Unloved" (Spokane, WA 04-15-08) > < (YouTube) #music see also < #
  • Reading history … and theory. I know why I trained Patricia; I know why I'd want to be Ranger. TeaBaggers' attitude pollutes everything. #
  • @IdeaGov My point is that, perversely, it's when we need innovation most that we're least likely to. Karma? (Gotta have sense o'humour! *G*) in reply to IdeaGov #
  • @KeithOlbermann I just read (for umpteenth time) history of Rangers' end at Cisterna. Being good at what we do beats alt, but no guarantee. in reply to KeithOlbermann #
  • What's the Canadian version of "Hooa!"? > < ( Someday tell the story of Christmas in Ortona? #LERs #
  • #data – Is anyone keeping count of how many Muslims have been killed by Al Qu'ade / Taliban? #
  • I read a lot of philosophy as a kid. For a long time I pondered, "What to do with a rabid dog?" TeaBaggers are wrong: it's not about hate. #
  • 1 man was given his star posthumously: Darby … Rangers. Hooa! #

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