BenTrem tweeted on 2010-08-19

  • Who is, and who is this Jamie Silvester who's SPAmming me? #
  • haahaa funny funny the cracker on Daily Show showed his true colours, quite by accident. /cracker red-neck jack-ass/ Get your gun, yaa. #
  • @LuminousHeart Tashi Delek! Can see the twinkling eyes in the wrathful grin? :-) BTW, pls find Vajrayana equiv. of Fudo Miyo for me? _{*}_ in reply to LuminousHeart #
  • @LuminousHeart There can't be hole at the end of depressed; depressed has no end. No end, no bottom. I checked, personally. :-) cc: @spiver #
  • @spiver Yes, of course. But then: which of us aspirs to rhino-dom? :-) Creates basis for empathy, me-thinks. TD! in reply to spiver #
  • @spiver We love continuity (security); we crave variety (entertainment) … we iz just cranky! huh huh in reply to spiver #
  • @baratunde – Saw a little poster; DontWalk; read it … kewl … strained to read the ragged/faded footer. CrimeThinc. Yaaaaaa! haahaha #
  • Morning reading: "Against Ideology?" > < ( #
  • #Geeks – Someone know of a good UK based hosting plan? #WordPress helper needs one. (I use DreamHost.) #

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