BenTrem tweeted on 2010-08-18

  • Nice to be back with FF2.0.0 … 3 is such a pooch. And I'll do what I can to snub 4. (Arrogant twats!) #FireFox #Mozilla #
  • @spiver "Continuous trust", like "being centered" … I like, "return, and return, and return again". :-) cheers cc: @LuminousHeart in reply to spiver #
  • JaegerMonkey in FF4 promises vastly better JS performance. *wh00t!* #firefox #mozilla #
  • Firefox 4 shows that #mozilla has no pjct management; launches with AltView, regression in History … you know, Netscape3 Gold was great! #
  • Over-view: the feckless children of feckless #yuppies are moving into positions of influence. It pains me to say, but now we are doomed. #
  • CBC Radio 1 – heart-rending documentary collapse on health care and the collapse of civil society in Afghanistan. Lo … Lo! There is us. #
  • #Mozilla – I stayed with FF2 because it had fabulous extensions. FF4? Good God I can't even use ChatZilla! What are you thinking … what? #
  • Back to FF2 … c/w a whole fleet of extensions / AddOns. /And/ ChatZilla. *pffffffffft!* #
  • "5 tips for running a company blog using #WordPress quot; > < by powdahound #
  • @nielsvantilborg – Hi Niels; just got magazine copy of SAScom. Do you know them? … fine stuff. What we were chatting. ^5 #
  • "Photo Contest: Win a Digital SLR Camera!" > < ( #

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