BenTrem tweeted on 2010-08-03

  • Maciocia firing … I came "home" when I came back here, but sometimes I really don't like Edmontonians much. #Esks #
  • Freak me out: something in MI-5 reminded me of something I had spent hr after hr listening to, dcds ago. And MI-5 brough up "number stns". #
  • In what have we failed? My cohort (enormously wealthy by any standard) whine, and accumulate debt. It's merely madness; how can we succeed? #
  • @jjprojects @loudmouthman You will not be assaulted by Global Gulag's authorities or police, but by those who envy your (temporary) security in reply to jjprojects #
  • #ThinkPiece – getting out of Afghanistan; when? "Get Out Yesterday" > < TheNewRepublic #
  • I've developed an allergy to web work. Instead of "heavy lifting" it's cutting through gack, mkt spin; dealing with others' sloppiness. #
  • @jordanshodges That "entitlement" … I think it's actually a sham. Something to fill the hole where reasonable self-esteem should be. in reply to jordanshodges #
  • "Here Come the Crowd-Sorcerers: Highlighting Some Misunderstandings" > < (iRevolution.wordpress) #

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