BenTrem tweeted on 2010-07-17

  • From CBC-TV's "One Ocean": "The Pledge" … it's the least one can do, no? < #
  • #YEG – Heads up; severe thunderstorm warning for Central AB … possibility of large hail. Mid-summer drama! #
  • "#XMPP / Jabber service now running at" > < #WordPress #Jabber #
  • Absence of context; if you cannot conceive of 500 or so hours writing 1 paper, how can you relate to "hyper" and "scattered"? #
  • The rush is on: Ticker: BTREM hits the street; initial offering. #EAV #
  • @CoreyTyhurst huh … wanted to find out about #EAv badge (I just joined) and ended up reminded of deal old Kompozer! Classic, it is. #
  • @empirebuilding I think I figured the #EAv angle: both you and @adrielhampton have those boyish clear eyes. I look like an anarchist. ;-p in reply to empirebuilding #
  • Added 1st blog feed just now; you get achievement for Endorsing it? > < #EAv #
  • @adrielhampton @jordanhodges – I think I spotted a sleeper: K9 … check his twitter profile and business! #
  • @CoreyTyhurst Oh, hey, at one time it had a real vibrant community. But then it stalled. Are any parts of it recent? in reply to CoreyTyhurst #
  • @craigwmiller You're still with BWare, yaa? Peek this … dusty as sin … never submitted: :-) in reply to craigwmiller #
  • @empirebuilding It's totally staged c/w gopher. On the surface I'm aulde hippie but underneath I'm airborne-SigInt. ;-) in reply to empirebuilding #
  • @JingTips Thanks for the effort but that URL serves nuffum at all. BTW: I had 2 vy real chances to use it, but no joy. in reply to JingTips #
  • @marshallk Variation on "word per day"? So, next ummmm balderdash. ;-) in reply to marshallk #
  • Aaargh! I put roast in the oven and *phnumf* blew 2 30amp fuses. Who keeps spare 30 amp fuses?! #
  • Geez, EmpireAvenue sure shows dynamics: (e)ITGEEK streaked to nearly 25 in hours! #EAv #
  • Facebook actually held my attention … for about 4.75 minutes, at which point I noticed that my brain had stopped. #
  • Dear #WordPress – 2010 and you're still turning my blogs lovely source into a steaming pile of shit. WTF. Or, in other words: WTF?!! #

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