BenTrem tweeted on 2010-07-16

  • "The Top 10 Best Technical Documentation Sites of 2010" at @MindTouch > < Yaaa, #Doc30 arises! #
  • Just for fun, reading the PHP for Alex King's Twitter / #WP plugin. Users have no idea what they're getting for free! Superb stuff. #
  • New to me: "OxyGen Code Generator; An Architected RAD Tool" > < #RAD #
  • I'm bored. My world is peopled by functionaries and pseudos. ("Oh, look, yet.another tweaked WP theme!" *sigh*) #
  • A pelucid moment re-introduces the leitmotif: you stay busy as a clehvur and plausibly deniable way to evade/avoid. Karma, kidz … karma. #
  • "Kohana is an elegant HMVC #PHP5 framework" > < … but … but … I want to get /away/ from this stuff! #
  • Watched a documentary of Paris. One of the many things I decided to pass by, to stay here and Do The Work. *sigh* #
  • @bgardner She's a sweetie. Truly. in reply to bgardner #
  • @alexismac Big province, yuh know … east is not like west, north is not like south. (The Astoria, in Jasper. Just do it! *G*) in reply to alexismac #
  • @digiphile haaa! He said /Visicalc/! *giggle* How many folk even know of 1-2-3?! cheers (/me coded his 1st sprdsht on C=64.) in reply to digiphile #
  • @digiphile Hey, since you're history-aware … 'member "ThoughtWare"? There were a couple for the IIe, though the best (!j/k) was on C=64. in reply to digiphile #
  • @alexknowshtml Oh now that's just tasty-good dog-food. in reply to alexknowshtml #
  • … now I happy to love the profile feature. But you'll like for for your own reasons. cc: @runkeeper #
  • Hot off the press: "tech20 Daily" > < thanks to Alan W. Silberberg aka @IdeaGov #
  • @markfidelman @IdeaGov – Mark, _yo quiero te representarle_ Alan. Go at it, you two! "Now is the time for …" #
  • Derochers about Willie Mayes: "If he could cook I'd marry him." heh … gotta love documentaries. Gives a person a sense of sanity. heh #
  • Did I already tweet this? "USDA Open Government Plan – Draft" > < (SlideShare) #Gov2 0 #Gov20 #
  • "Web Economy Bullshit Generator" > < Buzz by the pound! #Gov2 0 #Web2 0 #
  • "Old Spice | Questions" > < This shiet rocks! #
  • Heard about this? PVAxx is a cell-phone quality plastic that bio-degrades in like 90 days. Major shiet. #
  • @JingTips Hi – 2 suggestions: 1) gimme an [X] to click to I can ill it (I need to use ProcMgr!) and 2) gimme "Don't show again" check box. in reply to JingTips #
  • @JingTips I'll peek see if I can find settings file … somewhere in AppData? in reply to JingTips #
  • @JingTips Found the Jing folder in /Local but it's empty. And I couldn't see anything like .CFG or .INI so *bzzzzt* l8rz in reply to JingTips #

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