BenTrem tweeted on 2010-07-08

  • My face is a mess from the good old *head/desk* stuff. But google + YouTube pr…(YouTube #
  • BTW does FRAPS use some sorta compressor? Cuz when I have just mic, I'm full v…(YouTube #
  • Looking at GER and ESP, can Netherlands stand a chance? #WorldCup #
  • /Very/ nice to have #CBC radio on while keyboarding, enough warning to turn to the TV at key moments. (6 seconds ahead) #WorldCup #
  • @MFBorman I would be perfectly happy if that turns out to be the case. For The Win! :-) in reply to MFBorman #
  • @MFBorman Oh! Thanks for shaking my tree; we haven't chatted since TEDxYEG. You know about the OpenData contest in #YEG cheers in reply to MFBorman #
  • Oh my … Spanish player decides to ignore perfect opportunity for an easy pass close-in to an open player. Ohhhh my. #WorldCup #
  • 5 minutes to Spain's 1st #WorldCup final, leading Germany 1 – 0. #
  • @MFBorman Sounds wonderful. I have to admit being out of touch with all this; OpendData is task #3 for me. in reply to MFBorman #
  • Holland and Spain in the final! #WorldCup #
  • @MFBorman "Triage" … I ignore a whole list of things. C, .NET, Java, for example. And yes, DE got kicked. ;-^ in reply to MFBorman #

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