BenTrem tweeted on 2010-07-07

  • @Trance_Mix I liked the trax on your site but a) you reply to DM but don't reFollow, and b) it's an auto-reply. So screw you side-ways. #
  • @JoelThrillz – I just peeked your blog. Amazing! 26 posts in just the first 6 days of July? Wow … that's, heh incredible. Literally. #
  • @adrielhampton Thanks for "Habermas and #Gov2 0" > < He's been my main man for yrs. p.s see > < in reply to adrielhampton #
  • #WorldCup -And now iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's show-time! #
  • #WorldCup – Ok, not great keeping, but credit: that was a hellacious wicked hard kick. (C/w a bit of curl.) #
  • Sweet: #CBC Radio is about 15secs ahead of TV, so it cues me when to look up from keyboard! #WordCup #
  • #Video – Know any (near) lossless way to compress AVI? FS-X in the Rockies near Mt Robson … FTW! #
  • @JoelThrillz Ummm … but nothing I wrote was a compliment. I was very skeptical. Huge quantity, but where's the beef? 26 in 6 days? C'mon. in reply to JoelThrillz #
  • #WorldCup – Concensus that this is the worst game of the series? #
  • Woa … 2nd shot off the far (right side) upright give NE the lead 2 – 1 . #WorldCup #
  • Gorgeous header froze the keeper. NE 3 – 1 #WorldCup #
  • @bubbleideas This yogin is /at least/ agnostic. But heh no "doubt" *grin* Anyhow, I came up with SaaS concept for #OpenData :-| GMail? in reply to bubbleideas #
  • @Trance_Mix I'd say there's no need fo form-letter auto-DM reply. But that's me. I can't/won't speak for you. ==30== in reply to Trance_Mix #
  • @JoelThrillz Ah, I see. So instead of a YouTube channel, you use your blog for that. Ah, I see. *blink* in reply to JoelThrillz #
  • @JoelThrillz Here's why I find that odd: you can set YouTube to tweet when you favorite a clip; no need for blog. in reply to JoelThrillz #

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