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  • /me threw his back out patting himself on the back? *snort/chortle* #
  • @FACLC Sadly true; can't let that sorta thing slip through the cracks. Just that this guy was too easy a target to pass by. stay well in reply to FACLC #
  • "#ExtJS + jQTouch + RaphaĆ«l = Sencha" > < New domain: < #
  • @dpn @bmn FYI/FWIW "jQTouch – A jQuery plugin for mobile web development" > < #
  • Christina Aguilera … is there award for worst singing of the anthem? Gadd she's crass. #
  • How boring am I, really? see > < #Gnodal p.s. C'mon Celtics!!! #
  • @PauLinNY It takes real genius to fake sincerity convincingly. Genius she ain't. #pain in reply to PauLinNY #
  • @dpn OMG I recall you saying "no PHP" and filed that as "Dewd's lazy" *G* … bet you'd like ExtJS, renamed < @bmn in reply to dpn #
  • Gaaaaawwww 22pt lead … c'mon Celtics, there's plety of time left!! #
  • A question about NATO on Aardvark and next thing you know I'm talkin'bout Truman doctrine! Funny world. (Go Celtics!!) #
  • #WordPress "Theme Development Checklist" > < (Codex) see also < #WP #
  • There's no limit to blathering platitudes. I guess that's the mark of the true-blue sycophant. #
  • I'm just a dweeb I have to ask: what is it that you /don't/ misunderstand? Ah, right: personality politics. But, then, how can you be naive? #
  • @marshallk Oh, you're on the road? heh … lousy time for me to DM you. HeyHo stay well. in reply to marshallk #
  • @politico Watching Obama/health on PBS … like a post-mortem. Tough row to hoe! in reply to politico #
  • While billions of individuals, people, struggle to live on $2/day, folk with power want to pump their own income. $1M/yr? Not enough. #sick #
  • 35yrs now I've pushed for "discourse". Folk are divided on health-care, on Afghanistan … but "too busy" to fix the system. #Realpolitik #
  • @josephscott – @technosailor came up w/good criteria in "Battle of the Titans: Premium Theme Framework Smackdown" > < #
  • @alexkingorg @josephscott – From my combat arms training: "Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast". :-) in reply to alexkingorg #
  • @dpn You really are bodhisattva material! What I (should have) learned (but haven't) over the years: gotta pick our battles. 'nite in reply to dpn #
  • @mastermaq Yes. Curation/aggregation. see my exerpt Jonathan Nelson (Providence Equity) w/Charlie Rose > < #Sanity in reply to mastermaq #
  • @djkelly – I noticed, on your blog twitter widget: times normally link to tweets but yours doesn't. Couldn't find link to your profile here! #
  • @cgranier Limits to status-quo tech calls for new solutions; those solutions become new tech; their limits call for etc etc etc :-) in reply to cgranier #
  • @cgranier You saw my reply to @mastermaq? " exerpt Jonathan Nelson (Providence Equity) w/Charlie Rose > < #Sanity quot; :-) in reply to cgranier #
  • @cgranier Ooh, glad I checked … didn't have your blog b'marked. #
  • #dharma "Tour of Stupa of the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, Crestone CO" > < (YouTube) @ponlop #
  • @djkelly What caught my eye in particular was that the "15 minutes ago" didn't link back to the specific item. Dunno how that got lost. ^5 in reply to djkelly #
  • @cgranier What amazed me about Nelson's take on things was the high signal/noise; so little A-list BS! Refreshing. The guy is a /doer/. :-) in reply to cgranier #
  • Dear @google – Please tell me how I can get "Missing Plugin" on @YouTube since I'm using @Chrome. Get a f'n grip!!! #
  • /me yet.again wishes there wasn't a border between CA and US *sigh* #
  • Weird how Uruguay's national anthme sounded so Prussian! #WorldCup Is history forever? #
  • Soccer … scary. Y'day, "Make 1 mistake and wham". Today, "Ball dips and dives". Amazging scary. #WorldCup #
  • @huddlewithearl HiYa – just emailed w/Fiona in the volunteer office. May I strongly suggest: shorter nick … how about @earl2010? #
  • How dumb is this: I re-visited my dusty old BlogLines account and heh system tells me my login email address is not valid. #ScrewYou #
  • Nice analysis of SA goal on CBC. Is why I loved playing "defense": cuz it's gotta be aggressive. #WorldCup #
  • @BrentButt Don't worry about it … lotsa folk have food neurosis; maybe your meal was just too pleasant. Keep havin' fun! in reply to BrentButt #
  • Conquer, coerce, compel, convince … and last, entirely optional: communicate. We got where we are by acting like cons and thieves. #karma #
  • While folk I talk to are "too busy", some get this: "Knight Foundation Awards $2.74 Million For Future News Tools" < #
  • "Why I Kicked Off My Campaign for Rep. Kennedy's Seat in Front of Bank of America" > < (@SegalforRI at HuffPost) #
  • Goooood lord! Bell Mobility gives me nothing but run-around, and Dell tech support forum: "Error in Application.
    Runtime Error" … gaawwwd! #
  • @MichaelSurtees The guy who supplies papers with a solution will get $XMillion bonus. Locked. in reply to MichaelSurtees #
  • #Dell – In the amount of time @Dell shuffled me around their 800 system they cudda A'd my Q. I had the manual right here open! #yuppies #
  • ReTw @duncanriley – First, China. Next: the Great Firewall of… Australia? (Time Mag) < cc: @dpn @StephenKelly @bmn #
  • @bmn – FYI "CSSDesk" reviewed at > < (Works on Chrome. Dunno about FF3 and others.) #
  • @cecibooks I'm hoping someone starts a Twitter list for #Nalanda I'm too out of the loop for that. (Moved home after yrs in Halifax.) in reply to cecibooks #

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