BenTrem tweeted on 2010-06-16

  • @MarkDykeman "Find a need that isn't being met, then …" see my … sounds like a project? Wanna spin up a new tool? in reply to MarkDykeman #
  • @MarkDykeman hunh … a curious version of "Not interested". I thought that's what the FB group was about. /me gob-smacked in reply to MarkDykeman #
  • "#HTML5 Is Here Now (It’s Just Not For Your Desktop Yet) 11JUNE10 > < ( #
  • "Rhode Island's David Segal's Call for a Constitutional Convention" > (@lessig at HuffPost) also < #
  • "JSonduit: turn practically anything on the web into a JSON feed that any website or mobile app can consume." > < #
  • @cecibooks … discovering a vajra-sister; nice way to start the day! TD #
  • "Writing Secure #WP Plugins" > < Joseph Scott (WordPressTV) #
  • "Considering Prototypes" a re-jig of "Agile Prototyping" > < ( #programming #design #
  • I love Ajax. I mean I <3 Ajax. Truly. I mean really really really. *Gawd this shiet is soooo kewl!* #ExtJS #
  • Now that's soccer: playing a good team you slip for a moment and Goooooal! Beautiful precision by Brasil. 2 – 0 over NKoriea #WorldCup #
  • Which scans more smoothely: cynical pessimism? or pessimistic cynicism? #
  • #TooBusy – As broadcast tech, would I turn down an engineering gig? As lightsman, assist director? Doing sound, main-stage producer? Nutz… #
  • @sproutventure Good to have you on my geeks list! #
  • #Yuppies at work – Oil companies' preparedness plans all contained a line about best way to rescue / save walruses. Freakin' A-list! #
  • @lessig – GPLv3 used "Stet" for discussion. Doesn't "convention" deserve at least that, or better? #JustSayin #039; #
  • A-list works well: a cop, son of former #YEG Chief of Police, gets drunk, assaults and utters death threats, gets tap on the wrist. #
  • 1) I soooo luv my cooking, 2) I soooo luv ExtJS, 3) I soooo hate neck-spasm / headache. (What's the point of being sober?!) #

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