BenTrem tweeted on 2010-06-13

  • @sapinker Twitter /shrink/ attention? Gosh golly no, silly suggestion. Just normalizes superficiality & glib triviality. Golly shucks. ;-) #
  • "Congressman: BP "Lying or grossly incompetent"" > ( The way it works: 1st be incompetent, then lie. #
  • What @davewiner did with his "hide blocks of text in-line" evidences what I've been saying: until A-list does it, it hasn't been done. #
  • Syria and Turkey … perhaps also Egypt … the struggle for pragmatic secularism. #globalization #
  • Cat is sick. Hair-ball-itis yet again. I'm worried that he's too old to take the strain yet.again … #
  • @Nychsa You figure it's just you? heh Anyhow: wanting to stop what doesn't stop isn't "staying with" anything except fiction. in reply to Nychsa #
  • @Nychsa Ah, fine stuff! Is all I was saying, about "mundane" and "mind rattling". :-) in reply to Nychsa #
  • @StephenKelly I'd almost rather injury. W/o infection, no great danger. But when guts stop working … moggie looks tired / disgusted. in reply to StephenKelly #

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